(OOH LAH LAH DESIGNS first session with each client and/or new space will be a consultation that lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. This also includes an hour of research from me for your space)

Why do I need a consultation before we begin organizing and decorating?

Consultations are crucial to the organizing and decorating process because it allows me to get a clear picture of your thoughts and expectations for the space. My main goal as an Organizer/Decorator is to have you SO EXCITED about your new space at the end of our sessions that you want to shout about it on the top of a mountain; because your new space is EXACTLY how you had imagined it! A consultation is a scheduled time where I get to see your space in person. I get to understand your decorating style, notice how big of space we have to work with, ask about the purpose for the room, take measurements and so much more.  During consultations, I am able to create a “Plan of Action” on how to reach your goals at the most reasonable cost possible.  Although we normally do not see any actual “results” in a consult, it is during this time that I piece together procedures for organization and start to visualize how to decorate the space. Consultations are the foundation of the entire organizing/decorating process and they set the mood for the rest of the sessions to follow. These are what direct me on which path to take so that I have a completely satisfied customer in the end!

What to expect at the consultation:

  •  Once the consultation is scheduled, I will come to your home to determine and discuss the problems/needs of your space(s).
  • I begin the consultation with reviewing these documents and collecting Payment for the consult.
  • After reviewing and signing our service agreement, we will then explore the space(s) in mind to gather all possible solutions and to try and meet your needs and desires for the space to the best of our ability.
  • From here, we will begin creating and making a budget-friendly plan of action.
  • If approved by the client, OOH LAH LAH DESIGNS may take pictures throughout the consultation of the space(s) for reference after the consultation is over.
  • Some of the major topics that will be talked about during this time include:
    • Priorities and ideas for the designated areas
    • What you like/dislike about the space
    • What decorating styles interest you
    • If there are any sentimental items in the space
    • An estimate of how many hours the job will take to complete
    • How our hourly sessions will go in the future.
  • We will create a list of items we may need before our first session and there may be some “homework” for the client to do as a “prep” before we can begin our process (If applicable and only if the client feels comfortable with the homework).
  • Although we discuss and come up with a plan of action, we do not start on the actual organizing and/or decorating process until after the consultation (unless stated otherwise).
  • We conclude the consultation with scheduling our first two-hour session.
  • After the consultation is over, OOH LAH LAH DESIGNS may continue to gather ideas to better the plan of action until the scheduled date (If applicable).


 (After initial consultation. Travel fee applies to areas beyond Queen Creek, AZ)

So how exactly does the hourly fee work?

After we complete the initial consultation, we begin working on our plan of action through our hourly sessions. Whether we are organizing or decorating, the processes are very similar. Here at OOH LAH LAH DESIGNS, we set up our sessions hourly. I recommend doing sessions in two hour blocks because I have found it to be the right amount of time for my clients to see progress without being overwhelmed. It also allows for homework to be given to the clients in between a four (or longer) hour project. By giving out homework, my clients are able to work on easy things that they can do without my help so that we can focus on the more difficult stuff together when I am there. This is the part of the process where we start to see results! With my hands-on approach, we are sure to get the space functioning and looking the way you want!

What to expect in the hourly sessions:

  • At the beginning of the session, we will start with a quick overview of what we will accomplish for the day. (This is normally already figured out from the initial consultation)
  • We will make sure that as we work side by side, you are involved in as much of the process as possible so that you are completely satisfied with the end result.
  • We will move as fast or as slow as you need, as I understand some of these procedures may include sentimental value and decision making.
  • As we are nearing the end of the two hour session, we will make sure that we clean up and clear out anything that does not belong in the space so that you are left with a clean area until the following session.
  • At this time we will then discuss any homework that needs to be completed before I return for the following session. If this is the last session and the project is complete, OOH LAH LAH DESIGNS will take any “AFTER” pictures, if approved.
  • Before leaving the session, I will collect the amount that was agreed upon during the initial consultation.
  • OOH LAH LAH DESIGNS keeps a detailed log of work hours, amount charged, and organizing supplies purchased (if applicable).
  • Although we will help you learn and implement skills to keep your space organized and decorated, we are happy to come for a maintenance visit (same hourly charge) as often as you would like.
  • Each session includes one donation drop-off (limited to space available in vehicle)
  • Travel exceeding Queen Creek, AZ will be charged at $o.55 per mile.


Putting things in containers and labeling is an important step to organizing. And decorations are important for decorating! I prefer to try and use containers/decor you may already have on hand in your home; but if not we will need a budget for these items. There are many options for all budgets and we will work within your budget to come up with the best possible items to meet your needs. I can even shop with/ for you if needed (Shopping fee applies).  Please wait to buy any items until we can discuss what we will need for the space.

Can’t wait to work with you soon!