Mel’s Retirement Party!

 I was hired to design and organize an awesome retirement party for an awesome guy!!

Mel was officially retiring, and his wife wanted to make sure it was a special day for him! Mel loves to go fishing, and I am sure he will be taking advantage of his free time to go out and enjoy the fresh air and water; so I decided to make “GONE FISHING” the party theme!

I am so frustrated that I can’t find the invitations I made for this event. It isn’t on my computer ANYWHERE. (insert sad face here) but it was a super cute “GONE FISHING” themed invite.


Because most of the people Mel wanted to see were customers, we decided to do an Open House on a Friday- so that his customers could stop in and wish him a “Happy Retirement” throughout the work day.

Luckily, I had a bunch of fishing décor that I stole from J-mans bedroom, and I made all the printables on my computer.

Check it out!



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