A baby shower for Kali

Can you believe I was crazy enough to host two different parties at my house within an hour of each other?
Well, I can’t believe it either- but I pulled it off! With style too! This party was a baby shower for my younger sister, Kali. She was visiting the family here from Texas, and she wouldn’t be returning until after the baby is born. And, I shouldn’t expect anything different- she likes to do things different than anybody else-she has been this way her whole life- a natural born leader.  So since everyone likes to find out the gender of the baby these days, she decided she wants it to be a surprise.
BTW- do you know how HARD it is to plan a gender neutral party these days?!??! It is like gender neutral décor DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!
I asked her what she was thinking the theme of her nursery as going to be- and she gave me a quote from E.E. Cummings about the stars and the moon. So I took it and went with it!  Check it out!

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