This one goes out to all you mommas out there!!
I am here to let you in on one of my parenting secrets involving TOYS… So read on.. You can thank me later 🙂cannon-2016-966
My spoiled kids have a bunch of grandparents who love them VERY VERY VERY MUCH. (Both my husband and my parents divorced and remarried)
And if you have kids you know that grandparents+grandchild = toys
And if you know me.. I like to keep a clean, decluttered house.
So how can I let the two combine?? I came up with a solution: to have toys accessible but hidden when not in use.
Now don’t get me wrong… I DO HAVE MOMENTS of a messy house.. But for the most part, it is picked up because I made the toys easy to put away!
Before becoming a minimalist, we had so many toys that they were seriously taking over our house.  I feel like there is such a thing as a TOY EPIDEMIC. Everywhere I looked, toys were coming at me. Since then, however, we have really limited the amount of toys in our home. BEST. DECISION. EVER. by the way…
But back to our topic:
I had to come up with a solution to allow my kids to get to their toys easily; but also have it be easy and quick to put away for my sanity. I love my kids, but I also love my house to not scream “CHILDREN LIVE HERE.” So I found some simple ways to hide some of their lovely  toys that they can get to easily in plain sight!


I have had a lot of moms ask me about what to do with school papers lately. It seems like each child comes home with a mound each day, and you are left with a puzzled look on your face wondering what to do with them all! Keep them? Toss them? Store them? Display them?

This is a system I developed in my own home, and it has seemed to help me a bunch when it comes to school paper clutter. Check it out!


It all starts the moment that backpack enters the home. Both of my children hang up their backpacks in their locker and bring them to me at the kitchen counter. I know to wait by the counter because if I don’t, this process will never follow through. 


They hand me their papers and we go through them together! This helps me ask questions about homework and notes from the teacher, or if they are younger say,  “Oooh! Look at that! Tell me about your picture!” (for those pictures you have no idea what they are)

TIP: I enjoy writing on the backs of their artwork if I do not know what they are, so that when I look back years from now, we know what it was a picture of!

As we go through them I make two piles: keep and throw away.

Once we have sorted them together, I toss the trash pile and go over to my Office to file them away in a temporary file. (or “command center” for those who do not have an office space)

(This works well for bills and mail as well! Sort as soon as they come in the house. Throw away the trash items and take the others to your station to file away or put in a bill organizer!)


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ORGANIZING TIP! (And space saver too!)

Do you have too many DVD/VIDEO GAMES with not enough space to neatly store them?!?!


Put them in a CD organizer! It’s small, holds a TON, and zips up so that they are safe and protected from getting scratched and lost! 
And BONUS: You can go as organized as you want with these! Just throw them in- in no particular order OR alphabetize them or put them in by genre. (Or put them in by genre and THEN alphabetized them…. aka being a person after my own heart) 😉😍❤️👌🏻

In the Milgrom household, we have one for adult movies and the other for kids. This makes it so nice because the kids can look through their movies only AND because we have a small entertainment center!



ALL of our movies fit in one shelf on ONE side of the entertainment center. (AWESOME I tell you!🙌🏻) The lower shelf holds the remotes and game controllers in a bin.

Need to bring your movies in the car with you while you travel? Just grab the case and go!! No worrying about losing DVD cases or movies in the car!

What about the cases you ask?!

If you don’t think you will ever sell some of the DVDs later in life or use them in any way- you can just get rid of the cases. OR just store all the empty cases in a bin in your storage room for the future.. just in case.. (because you know I will most likely be coming up with a cool idea for these empty things sometime in the future) 😉👌🏻


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ORGANIZING TIP: Wrapping Paper station

The holidays are just around the corner!!

Do you have your gift wrap in order? Well now is the time to do so!! That way you can wrap your gifts with ease this season!!


Why play hide and go seek with your gift wrap and tissue paper when it can be in an easy tub with wheels that can slide and hide just about anywhere? In the top or bottom of a closet? Or (a personal favorite of mine) under a bed? Roll it out, get what you need, and roll it back under!! Easy peasy!

Want to go one step further? Get TWO containers and do one for Christmas and the other for birthdays! It allows you to find what you need even faster!!

Here is a customer’s before and after wrapping paper station!

What do YOU use to organize your gift wrap?!

ORGANIZING TIP: Storing Board Games

Quick organizing tip!

When storing board games for children, stack them next to each other. That way when they pull it out, they have a spot to put it back. If you stack on top of each other, kids will usually set the game they were using on the top; which is fine if it was on top to begin with. But if it wasn’t, you will be left with a big game box on top of little games, which then results into a spilled mess in the closet once the board games fall from picking out a different game the next time. Save ourself the mess and the hassle by organizing them like this!
Have smaller card games that can’t stack like this? Find a bin to store all the small and/or travel sized games so they all stay in one spot! #oohlahlahdesigns #iheartorganizing


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ORGANIZING TIP: Drawer Organizers

Hey everyone!!! Just dropping in with an Organizing tip!! Drawer organizers are LITERALLY a life saver. At least for me 😉 You can find them almost anywhere and they come in several different price ranges! These were from target and I really like them because they click into each other to make the setup just how you like! Also check out a great and easy way to store your little girls hair bands- using a pill organizer! Makes it easy to grab just the colors you need👌🏻🙌🏻 and at 98 cents, it’s super cheap too! Enjoy!



Ever wonder what to do once your child stops NAPPING!
Well, I decided to create some “Quiet Time Boxes” so that I can still have “ME” time throughout the day.
Who here has heard of Quiet Time boxes? Anyone?
Well you will know about them now!
Quiet time boxes are boxes of activities that you child can do ON THEIR OWN without adult supervision or help. The point is for them to be alone playing and learning without them asking you for help every five minutes.
**QUICK ORGANIZING TIP: Not only is this a GENIUS way for them to stay engaged for about an hour each day; but it also helps keep your playroom / toys MORE ORGANIZED!!
You see, the more toys you have in bins that are put away except for the hour that they are out- THE LESS TOYS YOU HAVE TO BE CONSTANTLY PICKING UP THROUGHOUT THE DAY/WEEK/MONTH/YEAR! (And I can guarantee you they will survive just fine with less toys!)

J-MAN is only allowed to play with these during quiet time- and I set them up to where he only plays with certain toys once a week so that he stays excited to play with them!!


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