Have you ever thought about rotating toys? No? Well check this out!!



THIS is my sons collection of cars/hot wheels.

Guys- I am here to tell you. This kid has an obsession. I could have NOTHING in this house except these cars and he would live a very happy life. 😳If he had to pick between these and food for the week, he would go hungry. (And this kid LOVES food!)

Most of the hot wheels belonged to my husband as a child. So they have some sentimental value to the both of them.

But so help me if I have this many cars scattered throughout my house and spewing out of every crevice in my home!! That is unless you want to see this mom get her crazy on! 👀😳

And have you ever stepped on one of these barefoot in the middle of the night?!?! OUCHIE!!!

I decided they all needed a “place” in our home, but not necessarily all in the SAME place. I didn’t want my son to get into them ALL at the same time. (Do you know how long it takes him to clean all of these up??? Talk about overwhelming!)

So I created a rotating system. (This works for any and all toys!!)

So this is what I do…

The two small bins are for my son to play with. (One has bigger cars/ the other has hot wheels) The big red bin actually goes in our storage room. Every once in a while (maybe every month- or longer) I will get out the red bin and swap them out for others. In doing this, I (1) keep the clutter to a minimum, (2) it feels like Christmas for my son because he is excited to see different cars after each rotation, (3) my son plays better when he has less choices to choose from and (4) my husband gets to keep all his hot wheels from his childhood!

What a simple way to eliminate the toy clutter, keep your sanity, and yet still keep those certain toys you are not quite ready to let go of!


This one goes out to all you mommas out there!!
I am here to let you in on one of my parenting secrets involving TOYS… So read on.. You can thank me later 🙂cannon-2016-966
My spoiled kids have a bunch of grandparents who love them VERY VERY VERY MUCH. (Both my husband and my parents divorced and remarried)
And if you have kids you know that grandparents+grandchild = toys
And if you know me.. I like to keep a clean, decluttered house.
So how can I let the two combine?? I came up with a solution: to have toys accessible but hidden when not in use.
Now don’t get me wrong… I DO HAVE MOMENTS of a messy house.. But for the most part, it is picked up because I made the toys easy to put away!
Before becoming a minimalist, we had so many toys that they were seriously taking over our house.  I feel like there is such a thing as a TOY EPIDEMIC. Everywhere I looked, toys were coming at me. Since then, however, we have really limited the amount of toys in our home. BEST. DECISION. EVER. by the way…
But back to our topic:
I had to come up with a solution to allow my kids to get to their toys easily; but also have it be easy and quick to put away for my sanity. I love my kids, but I also love my house to not scream “CHILDREN LIVE HERE.” So I found some simple ways to hide some of their lovely  toys that they can get to easily in plain sight!


I have had a lot of moms ask me about what to do with school papers lately. It seems like each child comes home with a mound each day, and you are left with a puzzled look on your face wondering what to do with them all! Keep them? Toss them? Store them? Display them?

This is a system I developed in my own home, and it has seemed to help me a bunch when it comes to school paper clutter. Check it out!


It all starts the moment that backpack enters the home. Both of my children hang up their backpacks in their locker and bring them to me at the kitchen counter. I know to wait by the counter because if I don’t, this process will never follow through. 


They hand me their papers and we go through them together! This helps me ask questions about homework and notes from the teacher, or if they are younger say,  “Oooh! Look at that! Tell me about your picture!” (for those pictures you have no idea what they are)

TIP: I enjoy writing on the backs of their artwork if I do not know what they are, so that when I look back years from now, we know what it was a picture of!

As we go through them I make two piles: keep and throw away.

Once we have sorted them together, I toss the trash pile and go over to my Office to file them away in a temporary file. (or “command center” for those who do not have an office space)

(This works well for bills and mail as well! Sort as soon as they come in the house. Throw away the trash items and take the others to your station to file away or put in a bill organizer!)


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DESIGN TIP: Making your Bed

Is your bed too complicated? Having a bed with so much stuff on it just makes it so that you never have the time or the desire to make it every morning! I have a “3 minute” rule when it comes to making beds. Try and design your bed to where it takes 3 minutes or less to make. I believe you can have a beautiful bed without a lot of extra pillows! Who here has 3 extra minutes to spare to make your bed in the mornings? I knew you did 😉

If my whole house looks like a bomb went off, but my bed is made and I have fresh light from my windows coming in, I feel like I can take on the world!

**Want another quick tip? Instead of using a bedskirt to cover your boxspring, use another fitted sheet!! GENIUS! I can tuck and fold in my covers without it bunching up the skirt! Saves SO MUCH TIME!

So there ya go… now go make that cute simple bed of yours! It will brighten your day! I promise! 👌🏼😁😉🙌🏼❤️


Hall Closet Organization

I am sure most of you know that hall closets can also be a big “danger zone” when it comes to clutter.

People are coming over (plus)  you need to do a quick sweep (equals) shove it all in the nearest closet!

Or hey- no one is coming over, but you just can’t bare to look at it anymore. Just shove it in there and deal with it later!

Out of sight, out of mind… Right??




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