I had the pleasure of helping a sweet couple and their previous office space. They had this room that had several big surfaces- which we all know can start to become “Storage” places. When they had something that did not have a designated spot in their home, it went into this room.

Now the lovely lady of this home has a passion for quilting. She has several quilting items and fabric, but she needed a place to work on them and store it all!  Before this transformation, she would do it in the living room on the coffee table. She decided that she wanted to transform this space into her quilting room- because it would be the perfect space for it! She just needed some encouragement and guidance on how to tackle this project!

Here is where I came in 🙂

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Hey everyone!  I am going to warn you.. this is one of my more “serious” posts because it is something close to my heart.. so now that you have that warning, read on 🙂

Have you every felt like your prayer life is a little “unorganized”? I know that I have gotten into a slump with prayer before and so I wanted to do something to change that.I am a firm believer that prayer changes things. I have seen it happen in my own personal life, and others around me. (They may not think it was prayer that changed their situation- but I do, because I was the one praying for them!)  Anyways, as you all know I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my children and work when I want/need to. We are not rich by any means- we garage sale for pretty much EVERYTHING and we both work hard and do our part to allow us to pay the bills. So, as a stay at home mom, I have the job of  picking up toys, teaching children to share, clean up crumbs on the kitchen floor, scrub the toilets, clean up messy diapers, comfort sick children, and kiss boo boo’s good bye.( you get what I am sayin…) I also have the opportunity to teach my children that God is their best friend, who loves them dearly and wants to have a relationship with them. One way I can teach them this, is not only letting them see ME pray, but by teaching THEM how to pray. So, for me, my husband, and for my kids; I have created a Prayer Jar.

I have been working on praying with my son before a meal and before bed ever since the little guy was born. I want him to know that God is first in our life, and I want him to look back at his childhood and know that God was here with us every step of the way whether it felt like it or not. Continue reading