The Stephenson Spec Home


Wait no more!!! The #Stephensonspechome pictures are finally here! These were taken when the people were LITERALLY on their way over with their moving truck. I wish I could have spent more time taking super awesome pictures, but I am just thankful I was able to take any AT ALL! The family wanted to move in before Christmas, so they moved in before landscaping was even finished! But I hope you enjoy the tour! This was SO much fun designing and planning from begining to end!

Let’s begin. Shall we???

Here we go!!

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Well the STEPHENSON SPEC HOME is coming along!! I gotta say- it is HARD work to design an ENTIRE house 4 hours away via text message and face time!! But It is really fun watching all of my designs come together! I got to go check it out in person a couple weeks ago and make sure it was all coming together the way it was supposed to! Only a few more weeks left and this baby will be finished!!! If you are looking for a great home in Sunny Saint George Utah, this could be what you are looking for!

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Check back for a blog post about the whole design once it is completely finished!

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Well, some exciting things are in the mix!

It has taken me a while to post because I have been out of town these past few days! 👀

Which brings me to this post!!

I had the privilege of going down to Saint George to be the designer of a home that is being built as an investment!  Since the buyer wants it to be a quick investment, he wanted it to have the right finishes and design so it will SELL! 👌🏻I got offered the job and traveled down to spend 2 and a half days straight working on this project. I teamed up with my mom who is a realtor in town and  who knew all the specs of the home. We moved from store to store looking at and ordering EVERYTHING for this house! Exterior and Interior- literally. Everything. 😱 We didn’t stop. It was GO! GO!GO! We ate in-between appointments and even had both of my kids during some of them😅🙈🙏🏻 Normally you have time to make all of these decisions- but with me living so far away, we had to make them all in one trip!! Now I am daydreaming in paint samples and tile and rock!!
This will actually be a start to another mini series- #StephensonSpecHome with updates on the process of this home as it gets built with the designs I picked out! So check back often! I can not wait to see it put all together!



Just designed an ENTIRE house- complete exterior and interior in 2 and a half days with my momma. Sheesh! I am daydreaming in paint samples and tile and rock!! Now that we are done- the kids and I are finally headed back to salt lake! 🙌🏻