The Milgrom Project TWO: Curb Appeal

Hi!  I figured we would jump right in and start with the outside of the home. Shall we??? Let’s GO!

Here is the house before we moved in.

And here is right after we moved in 🙂 (notice all the boxes on the porch!)

The bushes in front were really over grown, and I didn’t really like the look of them. The door was originally maroon; and I painted it black. But it still felt too dark for me! Plus, the house felt lopsided.(not literally… in a design sort of way. ha.)  When I would go out to the street and stare at it yes-I do this, and not just to the outside of the house, but to every room I design.. (I can only imagine what my new neighbors thought of me) I knew what had to be done. It needed to catch your eye from one end of the house to the other. Adding shutters to the big window and adding hardware on the garage will make your eyes browse across the entire house; making it feel more evened out and not make your eye jump right to the front porch and not look at the rest of its cool features! Also, the bushes had to go.. yes you read that right… here we go!!!