Wow! Where did August and September go???? 🙈 I have been one busy woman- but I have been also staying busy with Ooh Lah Lah Designs as well!! Like finishing the master bathroom! And here is a throw back to when we had an orange bathroom on day 1 of moving in 😉



Last time we saw the master bathroom, everything was done except for the floor tile.


THIS is what it looked like during demo. That tile was CRAZY thick and man was it messy!!! We are thankful for the help during demo as well as the advice for laying the new tile down!! Although- I believe this is the second time I have run out of either tile or grout right at the end 🙈 So my quick tip: ALWAYS BUY EXTRA PEOPLE!! 👌🏻👍🏻😉

oh.. and we also painted over the last bit of orange paint that was behind the toilet area




I am happy to say that it is finished and we are LOVING IT!


On to the master bedroom!!

This brown wall was textured, as if it was painted and then had sand thrown on top of it. I didn’t want to take the time to sand the whole wall down, so instead I decided to cover it up! (Because I am lazy like that!)  I went to Lowes and got me some click-in plank wood. (This was our first wall we did the plank wood!) We were a little nervous, but we went for it anyways! Here goes nothing!


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