Just finished 😅 Have I mentioned before that I hate painting closets?! Well.. I hate painting closets. It was brown until today👀 One more down- one more to go: The master closet 🙈 wish me luck!! Never did I think a year into this house renovation, I would still be painting over original colored walls.. 😂😂😂😂🙌🏻




Well, some exciting things are in the mix!

It has taken me a while to post because I have been out of town these past few days! 👀

Which brings me to this post!!

I had the privilege of going down to Saint George to be the designer of a home that is being built as an investment!  Since the buyer wants it to be a quick investment, he wanted it to have the right finishes and design so it will SELL! 👌🏻I got offered the job and traveled down to spend 2 and a half days straight working on this project. I teamed up with my mom who is a realtor in town and  who knew all the specs of the home. We moved from store to store looking at and ordering EVERYTHING for this house! Exterior and Interior- literally. Everything. 😱 We didn’t stop. It was GO! GO!GO! We ate in-between appointments and even had both of my kids during some of them😅🙈🙏🏻 Normally you have time to make all of these decisions- but with me living so far away, we had to make them all in one trip!! Now I am daydreaming in paint samples and tile and rock!!
This will actually be a start to another mini series- #StephensonSpecHome with updates on the process of this home as it gets built with the designs I picked out! So check back often! I can not wait to see it put all together!



Just designed an ENTIRE house- complete exterior and interior in 2 and a half days with my momma. Sheesh! I am daydreaming in paint samples and tile and rock!! Now that we are done- the kids and I are finally headed back to salt lake! 🙌🏻

The Milgrom Project TWO: Curb Appeal

Hi!  I figured we would jump right in and start with the outside of the home. Shall we??? Let’s GO!

Here is the house before we moved in.

And here is right after we moved in 🙂 (notice all the boxes on the porch!)

The bushes in front were really over grown, and I didn’t really like the look of them. The door was originally maroon; and I painted it black. But it still felt too dark for me! Plus, the house felt lopsided.(not literally… in a design sort of way. ha.)  When I would go out to the street and stare at it yes-I do this, and not just to the outside of the house, but to every room I design.. (I can only imagine what my new neighbors thought of me) I knew what had to be done. It needed to catch your eye from one end of the house to the other. Adding shutters to the big window and adding hardware on the garage will make your eyes browse across the entire house; making it feel more evened out and not make your eye jump right to the front porch and not look at the rest of its cool features! Also, the bushes had to go.. yes you read that right… here we go!!!


Hello friends! Need a fun project to do while your kiddos are entertained this summer???

Today I want to show you a DIY chalkboard you can make yourself for pretty cheap!! Normally I would say I hit up my local hardware store. But as you can see, I keep every scrap from my home renovation- so I had plenty to choose from in here. I had one big sheet that was perfect for what I had in mind. It is about as thick as a sheet of beadboard. It is a little flimsy- but it will eventually have a frame; so I didn’t mind. You can find other sheets at Home Depot or Lowe’s that might be a little thicker if you want it to be a little stronger of a board.

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BEFORE AND AFTER: Tallie’s Dressers


Here are two different dressers that my dear friend Tallie wanted refinished!

One needed new shelving and the other was well over 100 years old!

She brought them to me one at a time; so my first one that I refinished for her was the one that needed some shelves and a new face lift.

She wanted it cream, slightly distressed with natural wood shelving. So I painted, measured and cut the wood, and stained them a nice natural wood color.

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Say HELLO to my new beautiful coffee table! Don’t you just LOVE her??

I picked her up off of KSL. They were asking $75 for it and I left with it for $35. A STEAL I TELL YOU! It is so nice when you go to get something and the seller just drops the price in half just to make sure it is out of their house. LOVE THAT!

I knew I wanted a white table for my living room. So the paint choice was easy. But I wanted to change the hardware. I went to a few of my normal places to pick some out, and low and behold- these handles are an awkward size! DANG! So I put the old hardware back on, and they actually don’t bother me as much as I thought they would!

Check her out!!

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