Okay lockers.. I have waited a LONG time for you to arrive at my house.. (8 weeks to be exact.. but who is counting.. 👀🙈) You are officially washed off/cleaned out and ready to be painted!!

Now if I can get some good warm weather this week so I can get outside to work on these babies I would forever be grateful! 🙌🏻 Can’t wait for you all to see what I have planned! 😍😍😍😍#oohlahlahdesigns


And just for fun… here is a sneak peak of the lockers!!! One down- four more to go!! #oohlahlahdesigns


BEFORE AND AFTER: Tallie’s Dressers


Here are two different dressers that my dear friend Tallie wanted refinished!

One needed new shelving and the other was well over 100 years old!

She brought them to me one at a time; so my first one that I refinished for her was the one that needed some shelves and a new face lift.

She wanted it cream, slightly distressed with natural wood shelving. So I painted, measured and cut the wood, and stained them a nice natural wood color.

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Say HELLO to my new beautiful coffee table! Don’t you just LOVE her??

I picked her up off of KSL. They were asking $75 for it and I left with it for $35. A STEAL I TELL YOU! It is so nice when you go to get something and the seller just drops the price in half just to make sure it is out of their house. LOVE THAT!

I knew I wanted a white table for my living room. So the paint choice was easy. But I wanted to change the hardware. I went to a few of my normal places to pick some out, and low and behold- these handles are an awkward size! DANG! So I put the old hardware back on, and they actually don’t bother me as much as I thought they would!

Check her out!!

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So I am shopping with the hubby and the kids in TJ Maxx, and see this side table that was gray and it would have worked PERFECTLY for my husbands new office at work. But they were asking $130 for it AND is was missing a hardware! I was like- UM.. NO. Why spend that much money on something when I can design one of my own? So I was out on a mission to do this “Kirsie” style. I found this beauty on a local yard sale site- she was asking $70 originally and walked out with it for $45. Painted it up, and I think she turned out better than the one at the store!

I will get more pictures once I go back to his office- but here are the before pictures of the side table for now 🙂