Do your littles wake up and come into your room at the break of dawn? Do you need some more sleep? Or do you need some “alone time” to yourself before you have your kids out of their rooms?? Well, look no more!!

Have you ever thought about setting your kids lamps to timers to go off in the morning?

My kids have lamps that turn on in the mornings (7AM) to tell them when it is time to get up and come out of their rooms each morning. If it isn’t on yet, bedtime isn’t over yet!

This helps me either get the sleep I need, or allows me to get ready all to myself before they come out and I need to be “mom” for the morning!

My son likes to wake up really early. But since implementing this lamp idea, he falls back to sleep or plays quietly in his room or even looks at books until his lamp turns on!

I like using lamps instead of actual alarms (especially for those who are too young for school) because if they need to sleep in, they can! They just know to come out when they wake up and see that the lamp is on!

It has been a life saver in our household! We taught this as soon as we transitioned each child out of the crib.

Have any of you tried something similar?

I would love to hear about it!


Each time you make a meal for dinner, double it and turn one into a freezer meal for later!


Here are two meals I cooked this week. One was Quinoa Enchilada Bake and the other was Lasagna. As I made one for dinner, I simply made another one at the same time! This saves me time PLUS money because I can buying the items in bulk!!

The enchilada bake was simple: I just threw it all in a freezer bag to use as a crock pot meal later. For the lasagna, I just used a disposable pan to stick in the freezer as well!

This works great for those who can’t meal prep a whole week each weekend, and for those who aren’t huge fans of cooking 😉

I can’t count how many times these extra meals have saved my life! Or better yet, already made meals for someone who needs a meal taken over!!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!!

Organizing Tip: No Shoes in the House!

Do you have a “NO SHOE” rule in your house?

For me, I don’t like having all those germs tracked in our home. So I created a way to let others know to take off their shoes when they enter!


Having something simple by our front door allows guests to know it is a “no shoes allowed” house and gives them a space to put their shoes and other items! (TIP: keep a pair of shoes you RARELY use and always have them by the door. It’s a great signal to those visiting your home!)

And what about shoes from your own household? It seems like every household has this problem: kids run in, drop their shoes and jackets and the parents are left with this big ol’ pile of mess by the front or garage door.


In our house, we made this super awesome shoe rack. (find it on our website HERE!) If you don’t have a very big space, a couple storage bins or even a couple shelves in a coat closet to store your shoes and jackets can be a lifesaver!

What do you do for your home?

ORGANIZING TIP: Which one is my cup?


Are you sick of washing so many unnecessary dishes at night? Do you have a problem with family members using several cups a day?

What about setting out coasters and claiming one spot for each family member?

In our home, these coasters stay out all day, everyday. Our “claimed coaster” spot never changes. (Mine is always the second spot😉👌🏼) By doing this, we have saved so many cups from being used throughout the day! Once a family member is done with their cup, they simply put their cup on their coaster. Then they go back for it when they need another drink! Easy Peasy!

Everyone knows which cup belongs to them and mom is happy she does not have a sink full of cups that were used for two sips of water!

BONUS: Coasters are cheap!! What a great inexpensive way to organize a little part of your life!👍🏼👌🏼😍 #oohlahlahdesigns

ORGANIZING TIP: Be Intentional


Are any of you “list” people? I find that when I don’t make a list for myself in the morning, I can sure fill up an entire day without really accomplishing ANYTHING!

Let’s all be intentional each day!!

Pick one super fast thing and one that may take a little longer to accomplish each day. (Or even start smaller and pick ONE item a day!) You will come to find that even one or two things off your list everyday drops your “all around TO DO list” down pretty fast after a week!! Then you actually HAVE the time to fill the rest of the day with things you want to do or enjoy!

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DECORATING TIP: Can you find it for cheaper?

I am all for looking online and getting what you need, purchasing it and calling it good. But sometimes what we want is a little out of our price range or we just do not want to spend that much on the item in general!

Whenever I am looking at an item that can be a little more on the pricey side, I ALWAYS check the Facebook yard sale sites and KSL to see if I can find it there in just as good if shape as new. You never know if your item you want is available for way less!!!

This is the chandelier I was about to purchase at World Market. (If you haven’t heard of the place- go to their website. You can thank me later😉👌🏼) I knew I wanted it for my dining room area, but I decided to check out KSL before I added it into my cart.

And what to my wandering eyes did appear??


My EXACT same chandelier new in box for $80 cheaper! The person waited to long to return it!! BONUS: She lived 6 minutes away from me!!!!!!

Sometimes it is worth the extra few minutes on the web to save a few extra dollars in your wallet!!

So shop around! See what is out there first! You never know what you are going to find!



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This lightbox is such a cute way to add some flare to any room! You can change it to say whatever you want, as often as you want!


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