I had the pleasure of helping a sweet couple and their previous office space. They had this room that had several big surfaces- which we all know can start to become “Storage” places. When they had something that did not have a designated spot in their home, it went into this room.

Now the lovely lady of this home has a passion for quilting. She has several quilting items and fabric, but she needed a place to work on them and store it all!  Before this transformation, she would do it in the living room on the coffee table. She decided that she wanted to transform this space into her quilting room- because it would be the perfect space for it! She just needed some encouragement and guidance on how to tackle this project!

Here is where I came in 🙂

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Mermaid Party

It’s that time of year again! Little-O is already FOUR!!

Let me show you how I organized and “designed” her birthday party.. It turned out so cute!!

Well, this little girl has been OBSESSED with The Little Mermaid lately. So much so that I have to sing The Little Mermaid to her every night. With it being in May, I was hoping to have a nice outdoor party with hopefully some water! After all, it IS a mermaid party..

But the Birthday gods let me down now the second year in a row.

Luckily, I was a little more prepared than I was at Last Years Frozen Party… So I had plenty of indoor activities to do- Just in case. And boy was I glad I did!! Cause it was rainy and FREEZING the day of the party!

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A baby shower for Kali

Can you believe I was crazy enough to host two different parties at my house within an hour of each other?
Well, I can’t believe it either- but I pulled it off! With style too! This party was a baby shower for my younger sister, Kali. She was visiting the family here from Texas, and she wouldn’t be returning until after the baby is born. And, I shouldn’t expect anything different- she likes to do things different than anybody else-she has been this way her whole life- a natural born leader.  So since everyone likes to find out the gender of the baby these days, she decided she wants it to be a surprise.
BTW- do you know how HARD it is to plan a gender neutral party these days?!??! It is like gender neutral décor DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!
I asked her what she was thinking the theme of her nursery as going to be- and she gave me a quote from E.E. Cummings about the stars and the moon. So I took it and went with it!  Check it out!

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Well, I don’t know about you… but my daughter is OBSESSED with Frozen. Like, those songs are permanently embedded in my brain from listening to them on repeat. I even find myself singing along to them in my head throughout the day.. for no apparent reason! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

Anyways… When it came time for O to tell me her birthday party ideas, you know this one just burst out of her mouth before I could even finish asking the question… Frozen it is!

I had a lot of fun designing the invite and other ideas for the party. It was supposed to be a nice, fun outdoor party in the backyard- but the weather decided to DOWN POUR the day of. So we ended up having it in our unfinished basement- not my first choice to throw a cute party… but it was really the ONLY choice…

So, here you go- I hope it sparks some ideas in your head for your daughters who are just as obsessed with the movie as mine is!


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Mel’s Retirement Party!

 I was hired to design and organize an awesome retirement party for an awesome guy!!

Mel was officially retiring, and his wife wanted to make sure it was a special day for him! Mel loves to go fishing, and I am sure he will be taking advantage of his free time to go out and enjoy the fresh air and water; so I decided to make “GONE FISHING” the party theme!

I am so frustrated that I can’t find the invitations I made for this event. It isn’t on my computer ANYWHERE. (insert sad face here) but it was a super cute “GONE FISHING” themed invite.


Because most of the people Mel wanted to see were customers, we decided to do an Open House on a Friday- so that his customers could stop in and wish him a “Happy Retirement” throughout the work day.

Luckily, I had a bunch of fishing décor that I stole from J-mans bedroom, and I made all the printables on my computer.

Check it out!



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My son LOVES trucks, cars, tractors.. you name it. So it was not TOO hard to decide what his birthday theme would be this year! I mentioned doing a construction party, and he was TOTALLY FOR IT!
It was a BLAST designing every little detail. I hope you enjoy it!

We are building up some birthday fun!J-Man wants YOU on his CREW!

Come DIG IN and celebrate with us as J-Man turns FOUR! It is going to be LOADS of FUN!

PROJECT STARTS: On J-Man’s Birthday!
SHIFT BEGINS at 4pm- LUNCH BREAK included!

Please RSVP to the “CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN” so that she can plan accordingly!


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