Need a smoother transition in the morning for kids getting dressed and off to school? Well look no more!

These bins were from THE DOLLAR TREE! I bought 5 of them for each school day of the week. I labeled mine with a label machine, but you can get really creative if you want to label some of your own! My son and daughter both have these in their closets. Each week when I do laundry, both kids help me pick out 5 outfits that they want to wear for the week. This includes socks and underwear (or even hair bows or hats!)

I like to do this when I am doing laundry, because that is normally a time I am not rushed and have the time to set out things. (Plus BONUS: If you pick items from the laundry you just washed- it’s that much less you have to put away!)

This allows my kids to have a say in what they want to wear but I can also intervene (in a sweet mom voice) when I need to change an item or two because we are discussing it at a time where we are not trying to rush out the door to go somewhere. 🙌🏼

SO- the morning of, my kids get up and grab the basket and put the whole outfit on BEFORE waking me up! How sweet is that?!?

Our time to get ready in the mornings have dropped DRAMATICALLY since adding this into our routine.

What are you waiting for?
Go get some $1 bins and make some of your own!!



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