Do your littles wake up and come into your room at the break of dawn? Do you need some more sleep? Or do you need some “alone time” to yourself before you have your kids out of their rooms?? Well, look no more!!

Have you ever thought about setting your kids lamps to timers to go off in the morning?

My kids have lamps that turn on in the mornings (7AM) to tell them when it is time to get up and come out of their rooms each morning. If it isn’t on yet, bedtime isn’t over yet!

This helps me either get the sleep I need, or allows me to get ready all to myself before they come out and I need to be “mom” for the morning!

My son likes to wake up really early. But since implementing this lamp idea, he falls back to sleep or plays quietly in his room or even looks at books until his lamp turns on!

I like using lamps instead of actual alarms (especially for those who are too young for school) because if they need to sleep in, they can! They just know to come out when they wake up and see that the lamp is on!

It has been a life saver in our household! We taught this as soon as we transitioned each child out of the crib.

Have any of you tried something similar?

I would love to hear about it!

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