Organizing Tip: No Shoes in the House!

Do you have a “NO SHOE” rule in your house?

For me, I don’t like having all those germs tracked in our home. So I created a way to let others know to take off their shoes when they enter!


Having something simple by our front door allows guests to know it is a “no shoes allowed” house and gives them a space to put their shoes and other items! (TIP: keep a pair of shoes you RARELY use and always have them by the door. It’s a great signal to those visiting your home!)

And what about shoes from your own household? It seems like every household has this problem: kids run in, drop their shoes and jackets and the parents are left with this big ol’ pile of mess by the front or garage door.


In our house, we made this super awesome shoe rack. (find it on our website HERE!) If you don’t have a very big space, a couple storage bins or even a couple shelves in a coat closet to store your shoes and jackets can be a lifesaver!

What do you do for your home?

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