ORGANIZING TIP: Which one is my cup?


Are you sick of washing so many unnecessary dishes at night? Do you have a problem with family members using several cups a day?

What about setting out coasters and claiming one spot for each family member?

In our home, these coasters stay out all day, everyday. Our “claimed coaster” spot never changes. (Mine is always the second spot😉👌🏼) By doing this, we have saved so many cups from being used throughout the day! Once a family member is done with their cup, they simply put their cup on their coaster. Then they go back for it when they need another drink! Easy Peasy!

Everyone knows which cup belongs to them and mom is happy she does not have a sink full of cups that were used for two sips of water!

BONUS: Coasters are cheap!! What a great inexpensive way to organize a little part of your life!👍🏼👌🏼😍 #oohlahlahdesigns

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