ORGANIZING TIP: Be Intentional


Are any of you “list” people? I find that when I don’t make a list for myself in the morning, I can sure fill up an entire day without really accomplishing ANYTHING!

Let’s all be intentional each day!!

Pick one super fast thing and one that may take a little longer to accomplish each day. (Or even start smaller and pick ONE item a day!) You will come to find that even one or two things off your list everyday drops your “all around TO DO list” down pretty fast after a week!! Then you actually HAVE the time to fill the rest of the day with things you want to do or enjoy!

What I like to do is create a MASTER list of everything- small and large- of things I need to do. Then I write them down in my planner on different days. I spread them out (two per day) and put them on days depending on what is more urgent to what just needs to get done at some point. Doing this allows me to stop thinking about the 100 things I have to do, because I have already designated a day in the future to tackle them all. I can now just focus on the two things I have set for myself THAT DAY. (Anyone else do this?! Does your brain play on repeat all the things you have to do but aren’t sure which ones to do first- So you end up getting NOTHING DONE because you can’t stop thinking of EVERYTHING all at once?)

Once I finish my two things, I can relax and enjoy the rest of my day! (guilt free!)

What happens if you were not able to accomplish one or both of them that day??? Simply “bump” it to the following day, and “bump” the items that were set for that following day to the next!

This has changed my life!

SO- What is one intentional thing you can do today to get closer to your end goal?

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