Have you ever thought about rotating toys? No? Well check this out!!



THIS is my sons collection of cars/hot wheels.

Guys- I am here to tell you. This kid has an obsession. I could have NOTHING in this house except these cars and he would live a very happy life. 😳If he had to pick between these and food for the week, he would go hungry. (And this kid LOVES food!)

Most of the hot wheels belonged to my husband as a child. So they have some sentimental value to the both of them.

But so help me if I have this many cars scattered throughout my house and spewing out of every crevice in my home!! That is unless you want to see this mom get her crazy on! 👀😳

And have you ever stepped on one of these barefoot in the middle of the night?!?! OUCHIE!!!

I decided they all needed a “place” in our home, but not necessarily all in the SAME place. I didn’t want my son to get into them ALL at the same time. (Do you know how long it takes him to clean all of these up??? Talk about overwhelming!)

So I created a rotating system. (This works for any and all toys!!)

So this is what I do…

The two small bins are for my son to play with. (One has bigger cars/ the other has hot wheels) The big red bin actually goes in our storage room. Every once in a while (maybe every month- or longer) I will get out the red bin and swap them out for others. In doing this, I (1) keep the clutter to a minimum, (2) it feels like Christmas for my son because he is excited to see different cars after each rotation, (3) my son plays better when he has less choices to choose from and (4) my husband gets to keep all his hot wheels from his childhood!

What a simple way to eliminate the toy clutter, keep your sanity, and yet still keep those certain toys you are not quite ready to let go of!

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