This one goes out to all you mommas out there!!
I am here to let you in on one of my parenting secrets involving TOYS… So read on.. You can thank me later 🙂cannon-2016-966
My spoiled kids have a bunch of grandparents who love them VERY VERY VERY MUCH. (Both my husband and my parents divorced and remarried)
And if you have kids you know that grandparents+grandchild = toys
And if you know me.. I like to keep a clean, decluttered house.
So how can I let the two combine?? I came up with a solution: to have toys accessible but hidden when not in use.
Now don’t get me wrong… I DO HAVE MOMENTS of a messy house.. But for the most part, it is picked up because I made the toys easy to put away!
Before becoming a minimalist, we had so many toys that they were seriously taking over our house.  I feel like there is such a thing as a TOY EPIDEMIC. Everywhere I looked, toys were coming at me. Since then, however, we have really limited the amount of toys in our home. BEST. DECISION. EVER. by the way…
But back to our topic:
I had to come up with a solution to allow my kids to get to their toys easily; but also have it be easy and quick to put away for my sanity. I love my kids, but I also love my house to not scream “CHILDREN LIVE HERE.” So I found some simple ways to hide some of their lovely  toys that they can get to easily in plain sight!
What’s nice about this is that the storage to hold these toys can be just about anything, anywhere and they can come with any budget!
I have a few of these storage spaces that hide toys throughout my home. When looking at them, you do not think there are toys in there… but there most certainly are 🙂 Take a look!
Some other ideas are: ottomans, bins and baskets and inside drawers! At one point I even had a designated cabinet in my kitchen that held “toy” kitchen items for my kids to get out and play with when they wanted!
 When my children were younger, I decided to have hidden toy storage in all the major parts of the home where they often played. It was nice because though out the day, they saw different toys instead of the same few over and over again. It is like a surprise every time we switched rooms!

It also reduced the amount of mess in the home because I only put toys in that room that fit in that piece of storage. Anything that does not fit or is to big of a toy, goes in a designated toy area. (Their room for example- or a playroom) It also allowed me to get stuff done around the house without dragging toys along with me to the other room!  The kid’s learned how to put their toys back before we left the room as well, ( which is good for the both of us) so the house pretty much stayed picked up! Everything was hidden and out of sight, so when they were in bed for the night and we had friends over (or the hubby and I got alone time), it was like we were in a child-free zone where we could relax and not share the couch with a Tonka Truck and a baby doll.

I hope this quick tip helps you!!
SO THE BIG QUESTION IS… Do you have “Hidden toy storage” in your house??? And if you don’t.. WHERE CAN YOU PUT SOME?

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