Hall Closet Organization

I am sure most of you know that hall closets can also be a big “danger zone” when it comes to clutter.

People are coming over (plus)  you need to do a quick sweep (equals) shove it all in the nearest closet!

Or hey- no one is coming over, but you just can’t bare to look at it anymore. Just shove it in there and deal with it later!

Out of sight, out of mind… Right??





Even though you can’t see it- it is still there.

It’s in your mind… constantly reminding you every time you pass that closet. It won’t let you catch a break.

It’s also in your stress level…did you know too much stuff causes anxiety?

Well here is one families hall closet that finally had enough and was ready to make a change.


Now, if you take a look at this before picture, there are a lot of great organizing efforts in here: the shoe organizer on the door to hold items, clear labeled storage bins and even her very own labeling machine! The problem was that there was too much stuff in here. And a lot of it was stuff that was not needed or belonged to other people!


This is where I came in.

Now, as some of you know when I design and organize, I do so with a minimalist mindset. That means I do not just come over and organize everything you have and call it good.


I am not the type to allow my clients to keep everything. I care about them too much to do that to them. 

I start with decluttering first and THEN we organize.

Having a minimalist mindset means asking specific questions to decide what needs to stay in your home and what does not.


As we went through the items in this closet, we discussed things like:

What is it? Do you use it? When is the last time you used it? Why are you holding on to this? Do we have space for it? Or is there something else more important that you need to put in this space? Can we donate it? Or do you know someone else who could benefit from it? Be honest- are you going to finish this half-started project? Do you have something else you already own that can serve the same purpose?

I believe that if you want to be organized, you HAVE to declutter.

Organized clutter is still clutter.

This is what we ended up with after we eliminated items that did not serve a purpose.



This closet is now officially a Coat and hall closet! Since it is winter, we hung all of their heavier jackets on the bottom hanging rack, and matched up all of their gloves on the door organizer. The other items in the organizer were other things they got to on a regular basis: glasses and some charging cords to things around the home.

The shelving now holds labeled bins for light bulbs, batteries, small electronics, and other media items.

This family can now grab exactly what they are looking for the moment they open that door. It now serves a purpose in their lives instead of as a setback.


What a difference!!

Most people believe that organizing is their problem; when in reality it is that they simply have too much stuff. It is challenging and really hard at times to let go of items. Let me train and equip you on how to change your habits. I encourage you to get rid of the extra stuff in your home that does not serve a purpose so that you have freedom to live your life.

Freedom where you own your stuff instead of your stuff owning you.

 Be intentional of what you bring into your home. Ask yourself as that item enters your door if it is allowed in or not. Is it something you need or love?

If the answer is no- don’t let it in. 

Does your closet need some help? Contact me and let’s tackle it together.





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