ORGANIZING TIP: Getting Ready For Christmas

ORGANIZING TIP! Are you getting ready for Christmas? This is something I have always done with my children before the big day. (We actually do this before birthdays too!) We always go through their toys together and decide what we can get rid of before new toys come in!

Here is why…

From an organizing perspective: This is GREAT! You are not stressed after Christmas morning trying to figure out where items can go in your house, because you already made room before hand!

From a Mom/Dad perspective: Less stuff = Less stress!! You will be thanking yourself afterwards because it’s less toys you will be picking up or having spread around the house in the near future.

From a child perspective: You are showing them real-life problem solving. Teaching your children how and when to let go of things. Being organized is something you have to train your brain how to do. And what a great gift to give your kids while they are young!

From a Heart perspective: One of the reasons why we do this as a family is because it starts great conversation and gets to the heart of the matter. I get to share with my kids WHY we do this. I explain to them that they get to pick 10 toys (or more!) that they get to “give” away. (How you give them away is totally up to you- donate, sell or give away to someone you may know!) We talk about how it is better to give than to receive. So before we receive our presents on Christmas morning, we need to think about giving first! When they understand that these items are going to other children who may not have a lot of toys or things, they let go of their items with a full and happy heart. Which to me, is totally worth the effort in itself!

So there ya go. As the years go by, my kids actually look forward to deciding what toys they are going to give away! We have one whole top shelf in the playroom that is ready, and we are glad knowing the toys that were not getting played with much anymore are going to be loved by other kids!

HAPPY Organizing!



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