Getting your Pantry Back…

Hey all!! Sorry I have been MIA lately!! I’ve been busy busy busy!! I was a shopping assistant this morning with a wonderful momma and this cute little guy. Then we went and organized a pantry!!


This is what the pantry looked like before. It held a lot of items, but I can imagine it would take a while to find what you are looking for in there. Another problem with an unorganized pantry, is you FORGET what you have in there: which allows food to expire and ends up in the trash.

Once your pantry IS  organized, you are able to clearly see what you have and allows you to fully utilize all the food items you have before they go bad! So it is functional AND saves you money in the end!

Let’s check it out!!!

Here are the Before..



..and the After photos! 🙌🏻 In the “after” we used the very top shelf for “overstock” items and things that don’t get used often; as well as vitamins and medicine that kids can’t get in to. We saved a TON of space by using containers and got rid of 3 bags of trash!!


Enjoy the pantry lil’ lady!! 😘
#ilovelabeling #labelingsmyfavorite

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Let me help you change your pantry from looking like…


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