Charity’s Gallery Wall

I must say that I.LOVE.GALLERY.WALLS.

I think the reason why I love them so much, is because it is a collection of items and pictures that are close and meaningful to the household.


Now let me introduce to you Charity’s Gallery wall.


Gallery walls are a great “inspiration board” for your family. Pick items that speak life to you and your family; things that are uplifting!


Okay… So about this gallery wall..

Charity’s colors in her main living space and kitchen are red and turquoise, so we obviously went with the theme to match. When we were picking out items, we paid attention to size, shape and color.


Like I said earlier, gallery walls are way more fun when they have meaningful items in them. For this wall, the “C” is for their last name initial, the “4” if for the number in their family, and the sayings are all things they love to tell their two beautiful girls.





Can we just take a minute to talk about this beauty?? This side table IS TO DIE FOR… Although you should have SEEN US trying to unpack this puppy that was stuck to pallets and lift it into her house. I CAN NOT TELL YOU how absolutely heavy this thing was. But man, is she pretty… Look at that design on top! LOVE!!


And the baskets… Oh how I love baskets…. These were for originally for holding and storing shoes as the family game in from the garage. But they built some mudroom lockers shortly after this wall was done! So now they just look pretty. Blankets would be a great item to have in these for guests now!!



Well, that is all folks! I hope you enjoyed this gallery wall! I think it totally makes her whole living space!



Have a great day!!



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