ORGANIZING TIP! (And space saver too!)

Do you have too many DVD/VIDEO GAMES with not enough space to neatly store them?!?!


Put them in a CD organizer! It’s small, holds a TON, and zips up so that they are safe and protected from getting scratched and lost! 
And BONUS: You can go as organized as you want with these! Just throw them in- in no particular order OR alphabetize them or put them in by genre. (Or put them in by genre and THEN alphabetized them…. aka being a person after my own heart) 😉😍❤️👌🏻

In the Milgrom household, we have one for adult movies and the other for kids. This makes it so nice because the kids can look through their movies only AND because we have a small entertainment center!



ALL of our movies fit in one shelf on ONE side of the entertainment center. (AWESOME I tell you!🙌🏻) The lower shelf holds the remotes and game controllers in a bin.

Need to bring your movies in the car with you while you travel? Just grab the case and go!! No worrying about losing DVD cases or movies in the car!

What about the cases you ask?!

If you don’t think you will ever sell some of the DVDs later in life or use them in any way- you can just get rid of the cases. OR just store all the empty cases in a bin in your storage room for the future.. just in case.. (because you know I will most likely be coming up with a cool idea for these empty things sometime in the future) 😉👌🏻


#oohlahlahdesigns #iheartorganizing#iknowmydvdsarentalphebetizedrightnow #theywillbelatertoday


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