The New Mudroom: PART 1 -AKA- the day we realized we need a reality TV show..

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to introduce to you my “laundry room”. Where is the dryer you ask??? Oh… it is in the basement.. The home doesn’t have Gas in this room (which my dryer only uses) so we had to make do like this for several months.

First thing was to move my washer and dryer down into the basement for now.

 Here are three of the most important men in my life making a way to get my washer hooked up downstairs with the dryer.
So that this “Laundry Room” can officially become the “Mudroom.”
I had a dream.. and this dream told me that I want shoes, jackets, backpacks and purses in here!
You know, the first year we moved to this city and were renting; and  my hubs and I went on weekly date nights..
Now our dates consist of the kids staying home with us while doing things like THIS.


Aren’t you so proud of me? I removed that whole dang shelf by myself! Then my hubs took that shelf and shortened it to put into my new cleaning closet!


After that, we patched and painted.
This is where things GOT. DIFFICULT.
You see these lovely things in the wall?
Well, they were a PAIN IN MY REAR. Or if you were asking my husband, he would say I was the pain in the rear because I wanted this to look a certain way… But that’s not the point…
I want cubbies on this wall with the same plank wood on the back wall to match the other plank walls in the house. But code says we need to still access these; which means exposing them or having some type of cover that can come off. (Well that won’t look very good from a designer standpoint!!!)
So we went and got supplies to fix the problem and get more plank wood….
Pajamas in Lowes… A typical day for the Milgrom Household!!! Oh wait… you can’t forget huge pieces of wood sticking out of your car either!! Believe it or not- both kids were back there!!
And we are off to a good start.. Got the plank wood from the top of the wall to where these holes are.
First one we started with, was the 110 V. We turned off the breaker that was labeled laundry room and had our tester out making sure there was not power. Just so happens that our breaker was labeled wrong, and although we tested the tester to other outlets to make sure it was indeed a working tester, it somehow magically decided to stop working when we tested the laundry room outlets because THERE ABSOLUTELY WAS POWER IN THERE WHEN WE WENT TO TAKE IT OUT…
To say SEVERAL sparks flew across the room would be an understatement. My husband’s arm took a while to get feeling back in it, and he was ready to call it a day already.
 But after going through every single breaker to find the right one and quadruple checking the tester to make sure there was no longer power in there, we were finally able to disconnect it. We had to hook it back up somewhere because of code, so we hooked it up in the attic directly above the room. We also did this for the 220 V. so that if the next buyer of this home wants to change this back into the laundry room, they just need to move it back down for power.
Last one, was the water from the washer. After turning off the water, we had to cut more drywall out and clip and plug the water pipes. Once clipped, we took our sweet turkey baster to suck all the remaining water out of the tubes! We needed to do this so that we can clip the hoses pretty short. They needed to be short so that the cover to reach them in the wall is near the floor. We did this because baskets will be at the bottom eventually so you won’t see the cover plate; which makes one designer quite happy 🙂







Next up was turning water back on to check for leaks and then cutting the pipe off and capping that as well.
Here is the part where I would LIKE to say that we finished the rest of the plank wall and added the cover pate and all was good in the hood!!
But I can’t.
You see, we were SO wanting to be done with this project. The kids were tired and hungry and whiny, and we were tired of working. We rushed through the last bit of the wall and stood back to look at it and realized, we forgot to put the cover plate on. We went right over the hole! How did we DO that??
Once my hubs realized we had to take off some of the plank wall and re-do it with the cover, he got pretty dang mad frustrated. He started ripping the plank off with some force, while I started to work on some dinner in the kitchen.
A couple pulls of plank wood later, and I hear my husband swear scream over this loud gushing sound. Then he just books it. I run in and see water GUSHING out with so much force it was shooting clear across the room and hitting the wall directly across from it. I knew he went to go turn off the water, so I threw open the garage door right by, and in slow motion I hurdled over three stairs, grabbed two towels on a shelf, and ran back in the house. By this time however, there was so much water on the floor that I literally slid like I was going to home plate to the hole in the wall and caught the leak and held it there until my husband came back up and had turned on as many faucets as he could on the way back to me. Although my husband and I were completely drenched, there thankfully wasn’t any water damage inside the wall. What had happened, was the pipe was right next to a 2×4 where we nailed the plank wood. The nail had pierced the water pipe that we just plugged, but we didn’t know it because the nail was plugging the hole. Once the hubby ripped the nail out, the water went EVERYWHERE.
Needless to say, it was a huge blessing (even though by this time we were in the WORST mood) because we would not have had any clue that there was a hole in that pipe if we hadn’t ripped the plank wood back off. So thank you cover pate and House codes.. you saved us… 🙂
We had to re-clamp the pipes and cut some more plank wood, but in the end- we got it just how we needed it to be.
THIS was the end to a very long, exhausting, electrocuting, flood of a day.
We can laugh about it now, and wish this day was on “Renovation Realities” because it would have been VERY entertaining..
Well, I wish I could show you the whole reveal.. but that is all I have for you today!
Check back to see PART 2!

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