The Milgrom Project: The Office

Let’s just start with what the house was staged to look like when we walked through it the first time again. The walls were chocolate brown and it was a funky shaped room. Painting this puppy took FOREVER!

Here she is painted, and ready to start looking like an office!

As you can see from the series of pictures, I like to move and change things around and around until I like EVERY. SIGNLE. THING. in its spot.

I finally came to the finished product-


Introducing my new office!!!

The desk part is from IKEA. I bought the shelf hardware from IKEA as well, but bought wood at home depot and stained them to add some natural wood into the room.

The barstools I refinished and the chairs are from a wholesale store in town.

Other decorations are from Hobby Lobby, and Gordmans.  Who doesn’t love pretty open shelving with fun decorations on them?

Gotta love IKEA storage boxes to organize!!

Here is what the entryway wall looks like as well. I got the bench off Craigslist. It is the perfect place for guests to sit to take off their shoes and place them on the shelf below.

It is a nice way of letting people know my home is a “NO SHOE” zone.

That is my office! I love that my husband and I have our own space and the kids have the “L” shaped part to color and work on crafts. It is just how I imagined it!!

(Except for maybe the part where my daughter uses the actual desk to color instead of an inflatable tube.. haha )

Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “The Milgrom Project: The Office

  1. Kristin Pennington says:

    This is exactly what I want to do in my office!!! I just can’t figure it out exactly…can you tell me what IKEA pieces specifically you used? I have the Kallax bookshelf, but I can’t seem to find a table top that is as wide as it to jut out from it. And what sized table tops did you use for the wall desks?


  2. Peggy says:

    I love this idea and want to duplicate. I have a question…what is holding up the T part of the desk (I see legs on the front but wonder how it is supported in the back?). Also the two side desks have drawers supporting one end, but wondering how the end close to the T is supported (I can only see one leg)? Thank you, you have great design ideas.


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