DIY TUTORIAL: Card Suit Decor

It is a hard life being a Milgrom Kid. I am pretty sure they will either be just as addicted to hardware stores as their Mother is, or they WON’T BE CAUGHT DEAD IN ONE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE.
Here she is, taking her afternoon nap in Home Depot. (Don’t Judge me)
ANYWAYS… Back to the reason for this post. I want to show you how to make some HUGE game room wall décor!

First things first, buy two sheets of Plywood.  I bought the one that is already sanded smoothly. Have them cut them in half. (so you have 4 pieces)
Once you get home, either free hand or use an overhead projector to make your suits. I drew them on paper, cut them out, and used a friends projector to project the image onto them and traced them onto the wood. Next up, is cutting them out with your jigsaw.
Give them a good sand, and now you are ready for paint.
This is what happens when you realize you are out of sponge brushes and you are too lazy to go to the store to go get one. Paper towels work just as good. Right?!?
After the paint dried, I sanded around the edges again to give it some dimension. This is another project that I didn’t want them looking 100% perfect as if I had bought them in Hobby Lobby or Target. There is something that I love about not perfect things in my home. Not sure exactly why.. Is anyone else like that?? If that is you and you know the answer to this question; will you let me know?
Here they are all ready to be hung up!
(I was also making my outside window shutters at the same time.. )
I made sure I got the spacing correct, and marked where the needed to be hung on the wall.
Once I did that, I had to mount in wall hangers to the backs of them so that they can be hung by a nail. These are super easy- you just have to do some basic measuring if you are adding more than one.
Here they are!!!

Do you also want a sneak peak of the basement so far?!?! Here you go 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!!


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