DIY Garden Bed!

I knew I wanted a garden bed.. But how did I want to make it?

 I searched high and low and found Oh Dear Drea‘s idea on using corrugated metal and cedar wood! Both chemical free, and rust proof! GREAT combo!!
Off to Home Depot I went..
I seriously wished I could have video taped us trying to get these babies home in my car.. PRICELESS I tell you.. Took us 20 minutes in the store to buy it all and an hour to get it in the car… SMH..
We started with making slats with some of the cedar board to hold it all on the roof.
But that metal was just way too flimsy no matter how much string wehad to tie it down with..
So off it came and we stuck it right inside with it sticking way out.. We just drove slow..
And didn’t bother trying to take these puppies off until we got home..I bet we looked so awesome on the road…
It was a tight fit- but we made it work! And I got a good arm workout!!
We made it!!
Here are the instructions via Oh Dear Drea.. I did tweak a couple things, so I copied her instructions and changed what I did differently below… I wish I had taken pictures during, but this was one of those projects where you didn’t realize you didn’t take any until you were finished! So sorry about that!
Anyways, here you go..
Garden Bed DIY (Makes One 12’x3’x2′ Raised Bed)

2- 12′ x 2’Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels (Side) (actual is not 2 ft- but 26 inches tall)
2- 3′ x 2′ Corrugated Metal  Roofing Panels (Side) (actual is not 2 ft- but 26 inches tall)
10- 30″ long 4″x4″ Rough Cedar Boards (Stakes)
2- 12′ long 3/4″x4″ Rough Cedar Boards w/ mitered 45 degree edges (Top Frame)
2- 3′ long 3/4″x4″ Rough Cedar Boards w/ mitered 45 degree edges (Top Frame)
1 Pack- 1-1/2″ Drive Straight Hex Sheet Metal Screws w/washers
12 – #8 x 1 1/4″ Coarse Screws
Cordless Drill (w/ appropriate bits, hex and phillips)


Spade Shovel

*if cutting materials yourself

Circular Saw (For Cutting the Metal and Wood to size)Framing Square

– Lay 5 of the 30″ 4x4s on the ground spaced evenly apart

– Set 1 of the 12′ metal pieces on top of the 30″ stakes
– Make all of the stakes flush with one side of the metal.  The stakes will extend 4″ past the other side.
– Screw directly through the sheet metal into the wood using 3 screws for each stake
– Do this one more time to make (2) 12′ sides.
– Clear bed site of weeds, grass, and other debris.
– Dig footers for the stakes.  There are 10 stakes therefore we need 10 holes.
– Lay one of the long built sides in the footer holes with the metal facing in.
– Fill in the holes with soil so the side stands on its own.
– Do this again for the other side.
– Once the long sides are in, simply screw the two 3′ metal side pieces into place.
– Now screw the top frame boards to their appropriate sides by laying them on top of the stakes.  Use one screw for each stake.
– Line bottom with cardboard and newspaper.
– Fill with soil, amend with compost and manure, plant a garden, mulch, done.

Here is the final product!!!
And here we are happy that it is done!!
 I can’t wait to start eating fresh food from my backyard!!!

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