DIY Shutter Tutorial

Today I am going to share with you how to make your own shutters for your home. I made these for a customer after she saw mine on my house!
First thing you will need, is to buy cedar fencing at your local hardware store. Tiffany wanted 3 across, with this pattern on top. I grabbed enough for the three windows and had the man at home depot cut them to size for me.
Then it was time to sand. I sanded FOR.EVER. I was fried from the sun on my back after this!

And not to mention a mess after I was done!
So much so; that we need another take…
After the sanding was done, it was time to prime and paint. I made sure I painted first, because I need to get the sides fully painted before mounting them together. It would have been too hard painting in those tiny cracks.
Once they were painted (or ran out of paint) it was time to mount them together.
I used a couple painting stir sticks in between the boards to make sure I had the spacing even between each of them.
Once the spacing was correct, we measured where to cut the cross piece.
Then glue, and nail.
Do it to top and bottom. (we measured 8 inches from top and bottom for the cross piece)
Then it was time for the diagonal piece. set it on top, and mark where to cut.
After glue and nailing it together, patch the holes with wood filler.
Clip off the backs of the nails if your nails are longer than the wood.
 Next was more sanding, and then painting the final coat.
Last step was mounting the hardware!!

Here they are ready to be up on their new home!!
Mounting these depends on what materials are on your home. For my home, we were able to just screw them in with the appropriate nails after pre-drilling holes in the shutters first. With Tiffany’s house being brick, we needed to pre-drill holes in the house AND on the shutters and then use screws that were designed for going through brick. We put a screw in each of the long boards right above the top cross bar and again right below the bottom cross bar. We figured that would be the least visible spot for screws. If you are unsure about how to mount these to your home, Home Depot or Lowes can help you out with that!
Hope you enjoyed these!! They were fun to make!!


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