The Milgrom Project TWO: Curb Appeal

Hi!  I figured we would jump right in and start with the outside of the home. Shall we??? Let’s GO!

Here is the house before we moved in.

And here is right after we moved in 🙂 (notice all the boxes on the porch!)

The bushes in front were really over grown, and I didn’t really like the look of them. The door was originally maroon; and I painted it black. But it still felt too dark for me! Plus, the house felt lopsided.(not literally… in a design sort of way. ha.)  When I would go out to the street and stare at it yes-I do this, and not just to the outside of the house, but to every room I design.. (I can only imagine what my new neighbors thought of me) I knew what had to be done. It needed to catch your eye from one end of the house to the other. Adding shutters to the big window and adding hardware on the garage will make your eyes browse across the entire house; making it feel more evened out and not make your eye jump right to the front porch and not look at the rest of its cool features! Also, the bushes had to go.. yes you read that right… here we go!!!

These friggin big bushes were AWFUL to get out. Those roots ran DEEP people!! PLUS our land we are on is ROCKS. Not nice soil to dig up. This took HOURS and a FULL BOX of black trash bags. (It took us a month just to get rid of all the full trash bags on the side of the house!) We ended up transplanting 3 of these bushes to the side of the house. The others we just hauled away to the trash. Then it was planting and mulching… (I say this like it was so easy…)

I bought small plants that will eventually grow and spread out some. They won’t stay this small forever 🙂 Plus, we are on a tight budget. Remember?

 Here she is with the new plants and mulch. But she still needed some work!

Who needs the gym when you have yard work to do?

 All new mulch was added in front of the bushes we transplanted as well.

Meanwhile, I took my daily trip to Home Depot and saw THIS as I walked in. It had step by step instructions on how to build it. WHAT BETTER THING TO HAVE THAN THIS ON MY FRONT PORCH?!?!?!?

I had to have one. So I left with WAY more wood that I was expecting!!!

Next, was a planter box that I had that was about to fall apart. I wanted a side table for my new bench, so I turned it upside down and made a new top for it our of more scrap wood! Then I hammered in some nails to put a “M” for our last name. Turned out perfect!!

I also painted the front door again, added some outside décor I had, and added some pillows to the bench. Take a look at the curb appeal now!!

The front door is Wythe Blue HC-143 from Benjamin Moore. I also found a lady in my neighborhood who made me this vinyl “hello” sticker.

 The Pillows are actually indoor IKEA pillow covers and inserts. I bought some Never Wet and sprayed them on the covers to turn them into outdoor covers!

Tutorial on DIY BENCH and DIY SHUTTERS will be coming soon!

Now I just need to paint the exterior of the house from the sun fade… (insert sad face here)

Here she is all put together! Sorry the picture is so bright! I went out and took it in the brightest part of the day. But you still get the point!

 What do you think? Stay tuned for more!!



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