Backyard Design

Now we are onto the backyard!! I love my house. And I love that my whole backyard is fenced in! But I DON’T like these huge bushes taking up my entire backyard!!

So the hubs and I decided to remove them 🙂 The backyard seriously felt HUGE after they were gone!!!

Unfortunately, it sat like this for a few weeks. It is a little harder to get things done in the summer! First off, because it is so HOT! Second, because it is summer and I would rather be doing something fun like go to the pool!
But with my son’s birthday party coming up and it’s being held in the backyard, I knew I needed to hunker down and get it done.
I started by stamping the ground so that the pavers can lay flat on the ground. I needed three different trails- one for the grill, one for the storage bin, and the other that led to the garden box.
After that, I marked where I wanted plants to be. I made sure I did this after the sprinklers were on, so I could make sure they all got hit with water everyday. Then I went to Lowe’s and got plants and mulch.
After digging the holes and planting the flowers, I spread the mulch all around!


It seems so much bigger now! Plus, I am able to use the space to store things like the grill where the bushes were originally. So it gave ourselves much more usable space on a tiny budget (with a lot of work!)


And here is the new side of the house. Before it was just dirt and mulch with a ton of weeds. It was not being used for anything, because it was being blocked by big bushes. Since it gets sun basically all day, I knew it would be the perfect space for a garden bed! So after building the bed, we added more pavers and mulch; and it is now ready to start growing some good healthy food!

And last but not least, I need to show off my cute outdoor tic-tac-toe. Made out of rocks and a tree stump, it is now cute fun décor for my backyard!!


Hope you liked this mini backyard makeover! Check back soon! There is more to come!

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