Today, I am going to show you my new shoe rack! I. FRIGGIN. LOVE. THIS. THING.

I need to give my peeps props over at Remodelaholic for these plans. They did such a good job going step by step that if you want to make one on your own- cruise on over there and they will give you all the juicy details of making one!

This is where it all begins..

We had to cut most of the pieces into squares and then jigsaw out a corner for only the top row of the shoe rack.

Once all the pieces were cut, it was time to put it together, You will need glue, and a nail gun for this part.

Once you get the process down, it goes faster with each row you do.

Here she is all finished!

I decided to stain mine, but you can paint it or do anything you would like to it, really!

The only thing I did was add a little bit of green to the trim piece. I wanted it to stand out just a little bit.

I wanted this thing to look old. I wanted it to not be 100 percent perfect as if it was bought in a store. So not only did I not line up the dividers exactly 100% , but I also  roughed up the wood like I did on my wood Bar downstairs. This made it so that it looked worn and like I may have found this “vintage” item at a Flea Market somewhere…

Here it is in the future mudroom. It will be across the room from the cubbies I intend on making in there.

And here she is with all of our shoes! Can you believe ALL of my families shoes fit on this thing? I can’t even tell you enough how much I love this. My kids go right to an empty cubby and shoes are up and out of the way EVERY TIME we get home! Talk about a life saver!!!

Stay tuned for the reveal of the Mudroom!





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