Hello friends! Need a fun project to do while your kiddos are entertained this summer???

Today I want to show you a DIY chalkboard you can make yourself for pretty cheap!! Normally I would say I hit up my local hardware store. But as you can see, I keep every scrap from my home renovation- so I had plenty to choose from in here. I had one big sheet that was perfect for what I had in mind. It is about as thick as a sheet of beadboard. It is a little flimsy- but it will eventually have a frame; so I didn’t mind. You can find other sheets at Home Depot or Lowe’s that might be a little thicker if you want it to be a little stronger of a board.

Next up, was painting. I bought a quart of chalkboard paint. Mostly because it is cheaper, and because knowing me, I will have more chalkboards being made in the future. (It was so fun and easy!) You can go crazy with chalkboard options!! They have regular, (like what I used) black chalkboard spray paint, COLORED chalkboard spray paint, and even the solution you can add to any can of paint you already have to turn that color into chalkboard as well.  I put mine on with a mini roller.

Next thing I needed to find in my scraps was something that could be used for the trim. It just so happened that I had ripped up the old trim in the new mudroom! (can’t wait to show you!) If you don’t have any trim lying around like I do, Home Depot has plenty of different options to choose from!!


I had some coral paint in a sample size, and decided to brush on the color while I waited for the chalkboard to dry. Don’t you just love the yellow tint to this trim? It is the old polyurethane from the hardwood floors… I get so happy with every piece of trim I get to take out of this house!!

The hardest part was trying to decide what I wanted the chalkboard to say. I had 3 different sayings that I was contemplating; but I eventually went with THIS. I decided I wanted a scripture and thought this one is perfect because it will be hung in the new mudroom where we will mostly be entering and leaving the home. (Where the trim for this chalkboard came from!) Thank you Dear Lillie for the inspiration!!

Now this is where I used the crafty side of me. I took several sheets of blank paper and taped them together with a couple pieces of tape. Then, looking at my phone of the picture for reference, I free handed the image onto the paper. You can always borrow an overhead projector and print the image to a transparency like the Good ol’ days from school.. that works just as great! But the best part about drawing it to paper first is that you get to erase and start over as many times as you need until it is just right.

Once you have your image just how you like it, you then need to tape it on the chalkboard (after it is fully dry!) Make sure it is centered and right where it needs to be! I only put 3 pieces of tape to hold it up, because I need to flip up a piece of paper at a time. (you will see why next)

Starting in the corner or bottom, lift one piece of paper and rub chalk all over the back of it.

Flip it back over, and re-trace over your pencil lines.

After you trace it, the chalk will leave your image onto the chalkboard. Remove this one piece of paper from the rest of the papers that are still stuck to the chalkboard.

Then re-trace again, but this time with a chalkboard marker (you can get these at Walmart or target for a coupe dollars)

Once, that section is done, you will do it again to the next piece of paper. Repeating the steps until eventually all of the papers are removed and you have your finished product!

It is ok if the chalk smears everywhere. Once the marker is all finished and dry (only takes a few minutes) I just took a dry washcloth and lightly whipped the whole chalkboard down. It blended all the extra chalk and made it look even more like a real chalkboard!

Once the chalk marker is dry, it is on to making the frame. Go back to your trim after it is dried and measure where you need to cut your 45 degree angle. Make sure you measure with some overlap.  It needs to be about an inch onto the chalkboard to glue it together. You don’t want to measure the frame with it only touching edges with the chalkboard.

Once you get the first one started, it basically goes like domino work. Place the new cut on top of the next piece of trim and trace it with a pencil. It should still be a 45 degree angle, but you know exactly where that cut needs to be. continue on until all four sides are cut.

After they are all cut. add some glue (I did a small bead along the whole trim that goes along the edge of the chalkboard and then right where the angles on the corners meet. Put something heavy on the corners so that they stay in place and let it dry overnight.

And in the morning you get to wake up to this pretty thing!!! I added extra glue along the back of the chalkboard where the frame and chalkboard meet just to make sure it is glued really good. Let it dry again for a coupe of hours face down so that the glue dries and doesn’t drip anywhere.

Your very last step is to get some picture hangers and attach them to the back. I made sure I did it where the frame and chalkboard overlap, because that it the thickest part of the chalkboard. It gave the hangers more to hold on to.

Measure where your nails need to be on the wall, and TAH-DAH! You have your very own chalkboard 🙂 It did take a while, but it was SO worth it….

And because I love you all, I am giving you a sneak peak of what it looks like in the new mudroom! You are welcome 🙂

Thanks for reading! Show me pictures if you make your own chalkboard! I would love to see!!!


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