Mermaid Party

It’s that time of year again! Little-O is already FOUR!!

Let me show you how I organized and “designed” her birthday party.. It turned out so cute!!

Well, this little girl has been OBSESSED with The Little Mermaid lately. So much so that I have to sing The Little Mermaid to her every night. With it being in May, I was hoping to have a nice outdoor party with hopefully some water! After all, it IS a mermaid party..

But the Birthday gods let me down now the second year in a row.

Luckily, I was a little more prepared than I was at Last Years Frozen Party… So I had plenty of indoor activities to do- Just in case. And boy was I glad I did!! Cause it was rainy and FREEZING the day of the party!

I know I go a little over the top on most birthday parties for my kids. For some people, this stresses them OUT! But for me, I actually really  enjoy it. I love trying to see what I have around the house or what I can make to decorate for the party. This one was no different!

First: let’s browse over  the party table and food. Note, that although you can’t see it in the pictures, I also had The Little Mermaid soundtrack going on in the house!

It was nice having a Pirate Party for my son the year before, because I was able to use a lot of the same décor for this party! The treasure chest, rings, gold, shells, etc.. were all from his party.


The party guests have arrived! And they are ready to EAT!

  We just decided to let them sit on the floor, since we didn’t have much space (Had to improvise with the weather) and since all the counter tops were filled with activities for the party. But they didn’t seem to mind!

After everyone ate their food, we set up the party like “stations” at school. A few kids at each station at a time helped so that one adult supervise a few kids at a time with the craft.

This station was making an ocean scene out of a graham cracker. (Frosting, gold fish, graham crackers, crushed graham crackers, and a couple pearl sprinkles)

Decorating Shells was the next station! (Acrylic paint, glitter, sequins on a shell)

The last station was mermaid tail decorating. I made copies of a mermaid tale on a piece of white paper and had them color and cut out the tale. After that, I have them one x-Large colorful sock that I picked up from the store and stapled them to the middle of one side of the sock to turn them into mermaid tails!

After the stations were over, it was cake and presents!!! It was a super fun party!!

Happy 4th Birthday Little- O!

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