DIY TUTORIAL: Monopoly Table

So I knew I wanted to turn this coffee table into a game table of some sort, since it was no longer in my front room but now in my game room in the basement.  But I wasn’t sure how or what I was going to do about it.

And then it came to me….

I thought of scrabble, checkers.. you know.. the typical game boards you may see on a “game table.”

But then I thought, “What other original games are there that everyone has played at least once in their life?” Answer: MONOPOLY.


The idea was born.

And so was the master planning:  Do I use paint? Markers? How will I seal it? Is it going to smear? Do I use an overhead projector?  Or free hand it? Do I want to keep it cream?


Once I came up with an outline of how I  was going to try this process out, I began..

I originally tried to use an overhead projector and was planning on printing out an image on a transparency of the game board and then tracing it on. But my table is such an awkward size and shape when it is on its side that the image would have come out slanted. If you have a table that you can prop up so that it is 90 degrees in the air on its side- GO FOR IT!! But for me, I knew I could probably pull it off by doing free hand; so that is what I did.

I referenced the game board I had to get the spaces correct. Using light pencil first to make sure my measurements were correct, I then used sharpie markers the rest of the way through.


After a little over 4 and a half hours (and several episodes of TV)… I called it a night and let it dry.

The next morning, I decided to be brave enough to attempt a clear coat. Now I know from past crafty experiments that sharpie marker COULD potentially smear- even if it had been fully drying over night. I decided it would be best to do little portions at a time using the same color. So I would clear coat all the red, and being careful not to clear coat outside of the red so that it wouldn’t smear onto the white background. Then I would wipe of my brush, and do all the blue.  (I used polycrylic and a foam brush)


After all the colors were done, I used a new foam brush and gently covered all the rest of the “blank space” that had the black marker and cream background.


Once that set and was dry, I decided to darken it up a little bit, because it was too bright and bold for the décor I have in the game room. (I can’t wait to show you!) So I grabbed my stain, and brushed it on and then immediately wiped it back off. This picture is before wiping it off.


It tinted it a little bit, but figured I would try brushing the stain on, but this time not wipe any of it off. I have never tried that before, so I was taking a gamble, but that’s what experimenting is all about! Coming up with something unique- Right?!  So I went for it.


It took about 15 hours to dry WITH a fan blowing on it…


BUT.. it indeed eventually dry, and I was on to the next step: Painting the bottom half!



This navy is the universal color that has been showing up in almost every room in the house. So I figured it needed an appearance in the game room as well!!

After it dried, I sealed it again… And now I have a true MONOPOLY GAME TABLE!!


My family is so super excited to come over and play a good ole game of Monopoly with me sometime this weekend.. and to them I say, “IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!”

Do YOU have a game table in your house? If so, tell me about it!


4 thoughts on “DIY TUTORIAL: Monopoly Table

  1. Maite says:

    Is there anyway I can order a similar monopoly table from you? Im looking for something similar to this for a game room but I am not crafty.


  2. Lisa says:

    I have a table that has Monopoly painted on it already but it needs legs. The ones that are on it are not secure or stable. I love yours! Maybe I will have to put it on a new base?


  3. Katri says:

    Love, love, love his idea !! May have to try my hand at it. I have a round dining table in the game room that could you a little something other than the chalk board paint it has now.;) I also painted a small bistro table on our screen porch with a checker board and we use what ever we have handy when we want to play.


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