DIY TUTORIAL: Brick Wall Bar

I know many of you have been seeing my status updates on Facebook about this wall when I was in the process of doing it. (Feel free to follow me on FB @ Ooh Lah Lah Designs!)

So for all of you out there… The time has finally come.. Here you go 🙂

The wall began like this. I knew that I was going to be doing a “BAR” on this wall from the moment I walked through this home. It was just trying to decide on EXACTLY what I wanted it to look like before starting on it.


Once I had the ideas in my head, my best frieghbor (neighbor who is my friend- I swear we are going to patent the word because it is genius I tell you) and I went shopping at Lowes (and a few other places)



We managed to fit some brick paneling into her suburban along with all of our other findings from the day. (this is pure talent you guys)


First step was the measuring. OH the measuring.. This was the worst part. Making sure the bricks line up with each other perfectly was a pain in my rear  not fun. After it was cut exactly how we needed it to be, we took our nail gun and nailed the crap out of it to the wall.

Once it was up, I caulked around the edges and down the seam so you couldn’t tell it was paneling. Then I added caulk just in random places to help tie in the caulk!


Next up, was experimenting with paint techniques on the scraps we cut off. I used whatever I had on hand- this included acrylic paint (in white and cream and tan) , white wall paint, and a brush. I would dip my brush lightly into the paint and then lightly brush on a paper towel to get the extra paint off the brush. Then dry brush on the wall. This helped eliminate a “blotchy” look.


I started painting around the caulk (because I was too impatient to wait for it to dry). I just started going from spot to spot with each color of paint I had until it was mostly covered up.


After I was done with a coat of paint on the whole wall, I then added plaster of paris to it. This is where the project went from sorta clean to EXTRA MESSY! Clear out anything that could be splattered on, and FOR SURE cover the floor with a tarp or blanket of some sort. Mix the plaster per instructions, and get ready to work fast because this stuff dries rather quickly. I used a tool that you would use to apply grout to tile. It worked well and allowed me to smother the wall with the plaster well in-between the grooves of the “brick.” I had to make several batches of plaster to cover the whole wall.


Once it was all dry, I took some and paper and a putty knife and scraped all over the place to get some of the plaster to come off and to show some of the paint and original brick color.



Now here I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful husband- because even though I am usually the one with the ideas and all about the details of our projects, he is my handyman and I WOULD NOT be able to do all that I do without him. He helps all of my ideas come to life. So THANK  YOU hubby hub hub. I love you ❤




OK. Back to the project.. What am I going to do next? Hmmm???


I started researching ideas on Pinterest. I knew I wanted pipe and Ghost art on the wall. And I came up with these two images.


 My lovely husband went and picked me up a piece of wood to use as the bar top. He took forever getting back from Home Depot, and when I asked him what took so long, he told me he looked though all of the boards to find the prettiest and non beat up piece of wood.

I can only imagine the look on his face when I smiled and went to the garage and started BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF IT. I used both sides of a hammer, two different chains, a razor blade.. basically anything I could get my hands on that would leave dents into the wood. I wanted it to look more vintage. Sorry to waste your time honey 🙂

Here is what it looked like when I was done beating it up.

And this is what it looked like after it was stained.

Crazy cool. Right??


 My husband had the idea of “Tagging” the bar with our initials…


After buying the pipe, we screwed in the pipes to the board and the wall. You can’t see this, but we bought a long “L” bracket that we screwed into studs on the wall and then screwed onto the board from underneath. This helped support the middle of the bar.

Next up was getting the painted ghost art onto the wall. I just took a transparency and laid it against my computer screen and traced the saying with a sharpie marker (because I am too cheap and lazy to go to Office Depot to print one off)


Then I borrowed an overhead projector (Thanks Melissa!) to project it onto the wall.


Next step was tracing the image onto the wall. Once that was done it was time to paint. (Again with being lazy) I only had these cheap brushes on hand. And I didn’t want to drag two kids into the store to go buy a better brush. So I made do with what I had! And surprisingly it did pretty well!

I just used paint I had on hand again, so just some black acrylic paint.


Now for the average person trying this tutorial, just follow your pencil lines and it will all be great! However, because I just quickly traced my image free hand from my computer screen, I knew I needed to go slow and paint where I felt I needed to as I went because my image wasn’t perfect. I just traced the banners and the swirls, but other than that I went straight to painting and using my image as a rough guideline on where my lettering should be.

Does anyone else enjoy just zoning out and painting something? It is like my self cup was filled from doing this part of the project! I just LOVE doing this type of stuff!

 Finally finished!! It took 3 different “paint sessions” AKA kids naptime (x2) and bedtime but it was totally worth it!  🙂

After the black paint was dry, I lightly sanded all over to have it look old and not freshly painted. Then I took a lightly damp rag and wiped the whole wall down to get off any extra plaster that was still on the wall. This also smudged the plaster onto the black paint and made it look even older than it did from me sanding it! It was awesome!!

Last thing I was waiting for, were the barstools! When putting up the bar, I measured my bar in my kitchen island to know how high to mount the bar top. This made it easy to know that the barstools I got would have enough spacing for your legs to sit at.


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Now go get some brick on your walls!!!

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