BEFORE AND AFTER: Tallie’s Dressers


Here are two different dressers that my dear friend Tallie wanted refinished!

One needed new shelving and the other was well over 100 years old!

She brought them to me one at a time; so my first one that I refinished for her was the one that needed some shelves and a new face lift.

She wanted it cream, slightly distressed with natural wood shelving. So I painted, measured and cut the wood, and stained them a nice natural wood color.

I mounted the shelves in with some nice hardware.

Once it dried, I put a nice clear coat over the whole thing.

Here she is all finished and ready for her new home!

Next up with this super awesome dresser!!! We wanted to bring it back to life, but still keep its character and still show its age.

It needed some wood fill on some of the drawers and a good sand job. Next up was paint!

This was after 1 coat of paint and primer. She already looks like she is coming back to life!

Since this piece is so old, it also means it is really hard to find hardware with the correct spacing to fit in the existing holes on the drawers. I decided to let Tallie know that I can also give her vintage hardware a fresh new coat of paint too!

Look at how awesome they turned out!! She is a beauty! These pictures give this dresser no justice.

One last glance- I am not sure why my camera took the yellow so differently on this last one. But you get the idea of how beautiful she still is!

I am so happy to say she is ready to go for hopefully another 100 years! Take good care of her Talllie!

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