Say HELLO to my new beautiful coffee table! Don’t you just LOVE her??

I picked her up off of KSL. They were asking $75 for it and I left with it for $35. A STEAL I TELL YOU! It is so nice when you go to get something and the seller just drops the price in half just to make sure it is out of their house. LOVE THAT!

I knew I wanted a white table for my living room. So the paint choice was easy. But I wanted to change the hardware. I went to a few of my normal places to pick some out, and low and behold- these handles are an awkward size! DANG! So I put the old hardware back on, and they actually don’t bother me as much as I thought they would!

Check her out!!

It has four working drawers on one side, and open shelving on the other! I decided to put some of my kids books on the little shelves, so they can sit and relax on the couch and look through them quietly when they are bored!


It also is lightly distressed all over to give it a little more “Farmhouse-Modern” look.

 Check out the  “BEFORE” again!!

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