Emily gets a Gallery Wall

Emily has this absolutely gorgeous house, with HUGE walls. And she has done an excellent job at decorating her home! But she hired me on to help her make her living room feel like a place where she can go and relax in the midst of the chaos you have when you are a mom! So the two of us started brainstorming.  We both agreed that a pretty gallery wall would be so cool on this blank wall. We also thought of some ways to hide the kids toys, and we would also change out the rocker to a more fancy chair that would tie the room all together.


Our first step however, was going on the search for things to put on the gallery wall. Through several trips to the store and picture messages, we met and started placing out what we had so that we could see what we needed and what we could return. This is what we finally came up with.

 I always lay it out on the floor first, right below the wall. This gives you an idea of how much room you have on the walls, and you can move things over and over again without putting several nail holes in the wall. Next, once you have the layout set, take a few pictures of it on the floor. I referenced this photo for spacing when it came time to hang. This helped me get an idea on spacing from one object to the other.

Next, I measured the area of the gallery wall I had laid out on the floor and took painters tape with those measurements and placed it on the wall. This helped me so I knew that my exact placements on the floor will fit into that box.


Next up, was the hanging!! Start in one corner and go across until the top row is hung. Then start to fill in the rest!


Look how awesome it turned out!!


 It is so crazy to see what a little gallery wall can add to a room!!



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