This is what the kitchen looked like the day we got the keys. I wasn’t a fan of the paint color, and the cabinets were decent but I did not like the hardware.  And the hubs and I know that in the near future we will be redoing the floor, since the carpet goes basically all the way to the kitchen island.. Boy did we had a lot of work ahead of us! Take a look!




I knew what color of paint I was going to use in my house before I even knew what house I was buying. LOL! It is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is THE perfect “GREIGE” color. It is grey and beige depending on what colors are near it!

I couldn’t WAIT to paint some of it on the walls..

 Here it is all painted except for where the backsplash is going.

We painted the vaulted wall the same color as the ceiling. We kept going back and forth about painting it the ceiling or the wall color; and decided to do ceiling because I didn’t want it to stand out.

Next up, was ripping out the backsplash. I had heard that the previous owners just put in the granite and the carpet before selling.  It was sad taking out granite that was basically new, but it wasn’t what I had envisioned in the kitchen! (And don’t worry- we will be reusing the carpet in the basement!)

After ripping out the backsplash, I noticed that the granite was away from the wall. And not just by a little bit.. A LOT. Our kitchen was at a standstill until I had a few people give me their advice on what to do. So I got to look at the pretty yellow and white drywall for several weeks!

 Eventually, we got brave and cut a slit in the drywall that goes along the pantry, broke the seal that was holding the granite in place, and pushed the granite into the drywall to eliminate the gap. Once that was done, we re-caulked it, and started on the subway tile backsplash. This happened on my birthday! Happy 30th to ME!!!

 My lovely father came to help (teach) me, and he ended up finishing the whole thing for me while I went to my surprise birthday bash! The next morning, I grouted it! SO PRETTY!!

 I only wanted the backsplash to be on the back wall and not on the sides of the pantry. I didn’t want the overhang of the subway tile continuing on without cabinets above it.

 We also switched out the light fixture! I LOVE Edison bulbs!!

 This is what my kitchen looked like the week of Thanksgiving. All my doors were removed and  taken to a professional who painted my cabinets!! Best part about it- we were out of town for the holiday while they came in and painted; so I came home to a new kitchen and didn’t have to live through the mess!


 Here it is all put together!!

Funny story about the microwave… I went to open the door and the entire face of the microwave came off! EEK! So there will be a new stainless steel microwave and stainless gas stove in the near future. We are also still planning on redoing the flooring.

I still have my fork and spoon up in my kitchen that I made for really cheap. They are my favorite!!!

Barstools are from World Market. Aren’t they AWESOME???


CARPET…. You will be the death of me.. Seriously.. Who would design this???? I am so afraid my kids are going to spill on the carpet or worse, fall off from the uneven floor. sheesh..


 Eventually there will be different base trim and window casings with shutters..

But now on to my favorite part! The little details!!

Still using our Prayer Jar!


I fell in love with the hardware. I wanted something that would tie in the brown and gold colors in  the granite. I thought these were the perfect ones! I bought them online at .

So even though we still have some more work to do- I wanted to give you a mini tour of the house! Thanks for checking out the kitchen!! Stay tuned because the Living room is NEXT UP! But first.. Let’s take a closer look at the kitchen one more time..


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