Alright folks!! Let’s get to it! Here is the day we got the keys! This was in the beginning of September.


 Moving day!



This was a couple days after moving day! (We moved about 80 feet from my old house, so it was nice! I didn’t have to box much up! I can see my old house from my kitchen! lol! )





 After the paint was on the walls, I decided to do my FAVORITE THING.. A GALLERY WALL!!! I always lay them out on the floor, and space them out as if the flooring is the wall. Then I take a picture of it so you can reference it for spacing when you are ready to start hanging!


 Let the hanging begin!


 All finished! I switched a few items around once they were up on the wall. I also had a person build me this console table! I just need to refinish it!


 Mid-painting, and still trying to decide what décor I wanted in the front room. Eventually the pillows and rug went downstairs (which you will have to wait to see!)


 We also got a new ceiling fan!


 And started demo on the fireplace!!! We tried keeping the drywall, but it just  didn’t work out. The tiles were CAKED on with mortar. They weren’t coming out unless drywall came with it 😦




Next up, was putting up the plank wall. I am SO THANKFUL for my nail gun I got last Christmas!!




Here it is painted, and getting the mantle up! (P.S. extra pieces of base trim are perfect “car ramps” for Hot Wheels. Just ask my son!)


 The family picture frame was originally cream- But I painted it the same color as our Kitchen Island to tie in the colors a bit.

Now see it all together!!


Now, please excuse the valentine décor. I just put it up, and didn’t really feel like taking it down for the pictures 🙂

OK here we go!


 Only thing that is missing now is a super sweet industrial coffee table and flooring! (I want hardwood in the whole area)














And just for kicks and giggles, here is my mantle and cute chair from Thanksgiving!

OK… back to it..




 I searched high and low for pillows for my couch. It was seriously crazy.. But these babies came from RC Willley and I LOVE THEM!



 Here is the finished product of the gallery wall! I also painted the console table!




 I thought it would be cute to do a “K” and “Z” instead of an “A” and “Z” for book ends to represent my husband and I’s first name initial.


And here is our new fan!




 SO CRAZY how paint and changing the fireplace can make this room feel so much bigger and taller!!!

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