On to the master bedroom!!

This brown wall was textured, as if it was painted and then had sand thrown on top of it. I didn’t want to take the time to sand the whole wall down, so instead I decided to cover it up! (Because I am lazy like that!)  I went to Lowes and got me some click-in plank wood. (This was our first wall we did the plank wood!) We were a little nervous, but we went for it anyways! Here goes nothing!





Here is my sweet husband putting up the wall for me. Once it was all up, I painted

 Next up was the furniture. I painted these several years ago, and they were in a major need of refinishing. I painted them from cream and brown to white. We ended up putting the bed that matches the furniture downstairs in the basement for guests, and we got us a new king bed!






 This is also where we started doing the base trim. We didn’t do much of it in the kitchen or living room because we plan on switching up the floors in there. I painted a coat before we mounted them on the walls, so I only had to touch up the nail holes.





Doesn’t the bed just make you want to lay down on it and relax??


I was nervous about the white on white with the walls and furniture. But it actually turned out okay! I love that I painted the knobs with a gold accent to add some color.


I bet you could have guessed I was going to have a gallery wall in here somewhere.. The “I love you because” is still used almost everyday! I thought it would be fun to have it in the actual gallery wall instead of resting on a dresser or something.  That way its always different, and I look at the wall often!

Here is our dresser. I thought it would be fun to decorate it with my wedding bouquet.


We mastered the door casings as well. We also switched the fan blades to show white instead of the pine wood color; and changed out the sconces.


Want to take one last look?


 Hope you liked it!

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