When we were looking at this house before buying it, J-Man ran in and yelled, “THIS IS MY ROOM!” It had this painted mural on the wall. Although it was really cool, I wanted the walls to be neutral like the rest of the house.




After three coats of primer and two coats of paint, you could still see the lines from the mural. So I decided to do a plank wall just like the master bedroom. I figured the wall might add some character to his nautical theme in his room.

 I also had to pick a fight with the closet to paint it white.  I think the closet won.

Here is the plank wall up and then painted!


 His room décor is basically the same as before, except for adding a chair and some pillows.



 We also finished the trim to the base, and added casing around the door and closet doors. Only thing left to do, is to add the closet doors and paint them white.

 And how cute is this mini nautical fan I found in KSL?

Hope you liked his room!


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