Out of all the paint colors in the house, I liked this one the best! I had thoughts about maybe keeping the color, but decided to paint it the same color as the rest of the house.


  Here goes the paint!

 We figured, “Why not? The other bedrooms already have a plank wall.. Might as well do one in here too!”


I am SO glad we did the plank wall in her room like the rest! She has 12 ft. ceilings in her room; taller than any of the rest of the rooms. So this wall became a statement piece!

 And she got a big girl bed. I love how tall the headboard is!!

Pillows just  MAKE a room. It creates this comfy feel, and makes you feel like you want to lay down and relax!

I have used these birdcages since Little-O was born. They have been in her nursery from Day 1. So I couldn’t stop using them now!

And these are the same shelves she has had in her nursery as well. But this time they are painted white!

And I thought this super cute sign would be perfect to hang above her nightstand. It is the first thing she sees in the morning, so I thought it was cute! I even tell her “Hello Love” in the mornings when she comes and crawls into bed with me.

I got the chair and fur rug from IKEA. I made the sign for Little-O’s Nursery, and the Pouf is from Target.

 … And you guessed it! Another gallery wall. 🙂

This is her same dresser that I refinished a while back. I just changed out the hardware.

And here is some of the cute things I have on her dresser..


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