I couldn’t find my picture from the day we moved in, so here is a picture of the bathroom I had to get online when the home was listed.


 The first thing we worked on was paint. We painted the walls first and then painted the vanity.

 It totally changed the look of the bathroom!

 Next up, was the flooring. This tile took FOR.E.VER. It was HUGE thick tile with a ton of mortar just like the fireplace.

Pretty scary, huh? Don’t mess with me… lol

We got the flooring prepped, and then couldn’t get to finishing the project for a couple weeks because of busy schedules. All of us had to use the master bathroom since this one was our only other bathroom. Who else had a toilet in their shower for a few weeks? Anyone?


I found this tile that had black pieces in it. It had the right shape I was looking for so I decided to buy extra and swapped out the black for more white. This took me SO. DANG. LONG. We are talking HOURS people. I wouldn’t recommend it. My back and knees hurt so bad after this…

After it was all laid and dried, it was time to gout. And wouldn’t you know it.. I ran out of grout at 10pm and Home Depot closed at 9pm. (Insert crying here)  It slowed us down another day because of it.


Finally finished the tile!!

Once the floor was done and sealed, we started on the Board & Batten. We had to add a waterproof backing since it is in a bathroom. Then we added the trim, and patched/painted. Here I am in my lovely painting clothes that I basically wear everyday! My hands were pretty much done for the day in this picture.

This was when the board and batten was painted, but the door trim and door was not done yet. Man those were some cream doors and trim! Once those were done, we added a little bit of décor; and it was ready to use again! (Although my kids are attached to our bathtub in the master now.. haha)


So, even though this is showing as the “After” I still have some work to do on it. I want to do different décor, but for now, I am just using what I already had.

My shower curtain is actually drapes from Target. I Liked that they were long, so I could put the pole up higher for the illusion of making the bathroom feel bigger. I added a liner in the back of it, so people can still shower.



The vanity didn’t have any hardware before, so those were added once the vanity was painted.


 Here is the door painted white with the new door casing.


 When I change up the décor, I plan on adding a little more color, since it feels very white with just a random blue vanity and yellow shower curtain.  I am eventually going to tie it all together; but for now it will do!

And I plan on putting pictures in the frames.  🙂 I just haven’t had the chance yet.




Hope you liked it~

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