THE MILGROM PROJECT: The Hallway and Front Room


Here is what our beautiful home looked like the day we got the keys! It had dark chocolate brown paint in the font room, sea green stairs and hallway, and another dark tan hallway.

I think it is so funny that my son always seems to be in these pictures. Ha.


First step was to PAINT. And this was so frustrating and scary! These ceilings are SO.TALL. I was at least 18 feet in the air trying to balance and paint . It took primer and at least two more coats of the actual paint.

After it was all painted, we went on to the trim. I painted it in the basement, and then we put it on so I only had to do touch ups once it was mounted.


After it was up, I caulked it all, and then did another coat of paint.

Although it was such a small part of the house, this one seemed to take such a long time to complete!!


Doesn’t the space feel SO MUCH BIGGER with just a different color of paint? I also painted the front door black. That door gets so dirty, and I wanted it to be a statement piece. So it worked out! We have not done the trim in this hallway or around the front door yet, because the flooring needs to be redone before we do it. So stay tuned for #TheMilgromProject Part 2 to see all the things I am talking about that we will be doing in the future!! We also plan on putting a HUGE rolling farm door to cover the big opening that leads to the other hallway eventually 🙂

 I cant WAIT to be able to furnish this front room. I haven’t  really worked too hard at filling it up with furniture and decor, because we plan on doing hardwood in this front room as well. So I am just waiting to work on it until that happens.

Right now, our mirror and fireplace are here. But those will eventually go downstairs in one of the unfinished bedrooms in the basement. Eventually I want to do custom shelving like the Pinterest picture shown below on that big blank wall, or some sort of front office/homework station.

 And last but not least, the stairs that lead to the basement. But you will have to wait another day to see that 🙂  I am also still trying to decide what I am going to do with this HUGE blank wall.


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