THE MILGROM PROJECT: Basement and Playroom

Hey everyone!

This is our finished portion of our basement. It has two big rooms, and an open area under the stairs. We do have another portion of unfinished that we have not started working on yet. (But when we do, you will know about it!) This is the first room. Let’s see the progress so far!


And this is the second.



There was not much to do down here, since it was finished just before we moved in; so I just painted the walls to match the color upstairs and then started putting our stuff in the rooms and on the walls!

 My husband turned the closet in the second room from a hanging rack to shelving because we were turning this room into the kids playroom.


This is right when you come downstairs. The two doors you see lead to two different parts of our unfinished basement.

We decided it would be fun to turn the area under the stairs into a reading nook for the kids! It has a light in the front part, but we still need to install a light further back in the room. UPDATE: check out our Under the Stairs Reading nook HERE!

They love playing and reading in here!!

This is the first big room. This one is still in the works; and I have  A TON of fun ideas I want to do here. You will have to check back once it is done! But for now, this is what it looks like! UPDATE: CHECK IT OUT HERE!

I plan to put a bar table in this corner. I can’t give you the specifics yet- so you will just have to trust me for now! UPDATE: Check it out HERE

My husband and I built these shelves. We cut some wood to fit and bought the shelf holders from IKEA and painted them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint!

I had a blast putting things on the shelves. There are many things that we can take off and play with! I call them “functional décor” 🙂

Then, to the right is a set of French doors that leads to the playroom!


This is how I had the playroom when we first moved in. After we were completely settled in the house however, I decided to switch it up a little bit. (And purged!)




We still have our ABC wall. Which I STILL LOVE!


All of their toys are in cubbies so that it is easy for them to know where their toys are and it is also easy for them to clean up! In the middle, holds the kitchen.

On the other side of the room, we have the piano and cars station; as well as the dress-up area!


There is also another reading corner! Can you tell I want my kids to love reading?


And last but not least, we have the LEGO station.  The bins hold the Lego pieces and the shelves are to display the MASTERPIECES!


 And you can not forget the Growth Chart!



And that is the finished part of the basement! I hope you enjoyed my little walk-through of our home! This is the last post of #TheMilgromProject. But the home itself is not done yet! So check back again soon!!


6 thoughts on “THE MILGROM PROJECT: Basement and Playroom

  1. Valerie@Occasionally Crafty says:

    I love this, esp the alphabet wall! I’m a content creator for Reasons to Skip the Housework and would love to feature this in an upcoming Playroom Roundup. We would use one photo with a prominent link back. Please let me know if you’d rather we did not feature this post!


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