517creations made this TOTALLY AWESOME growth chart. I fell SO. IN. LOVE. with it I had to make one of my own and then share my success with all of you!

I started out with a 1x6x10 board and stained it. She used a 1x6x8, bu at Home Depot the only ones left in that size were bad pieces, and I was too impatient to find someone to cut a new one for me or come back another time. So I figured the next size up would do 🙂

I stained it once I got home and let it dry for a few hours, then added the lines and numbers on it with a paint pen. I copied 517 creations idea on starting the markings at 6 inches, because I wanted it hung on the wall, so my 6 foot board ended up going up to 6 and a half feet. (make sense?) If you want it to come right off of the floor, you can start with one inch. If you click on the link to her website above, she gives you a GREAT tutorial on how to make it 🙂

Once that was complete, I stuck in a nail hanger, and TAH-DAH! My growth chart was complete.


Now I can take this growth chart with me from house to house and not have it on my (actual) walls! My parents moved so many times so sadly I cant go back over and see my childhood growth marks 😦 But at least I can do it for my own children 🙂

Hope you like it! Let me know if you end up making one!!

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