Do you have a party coming up but not sure of what to do for it yet? How about a Pirate Party?


I love all things Design.. So much so that designing a party is just as fun for me as designing a space! Check it out!


Welcome me Matey’s, to J-Man’s Cove!

Enter at ye own risk! Come and see how we celebrated J-Man’s Birthday!!!

 Duct tape is your friends when you need to make a real life map!!

This party was SO FUN to put together.. And everyone had a blast! We all got to eat, drink, and be pirates all while listening to Pirates of the Caribbean sound track in the background..

  This is our outside storage bin that I emptied and turned into a huge treasure chest; which held all the gifts!

Once people arrived, they were given some pirate accessories and a tattoo in our “tattoo parlor”. The striped bandana is just fabric I bought by the yard and but into strips.

 I made all the signs and actually burnt them with a match to get the true “old map” look.

Then it was time to EAT!!

 Most of the decorations were from J-Man’s bedroom. He has a fishing/nautical theme, so it made it really easy to decorate for this party!

 The table cloths are just old sheets and fabric that I bought on sale and then cut up to make them look like they had been flying in the seas for a long time.. Zurchers was also my friend for this party!

Once everyone got to the party and had some food, we started on some of the fun games that were planned. The first, being a water balloon fight. It felt so good in the heat!!

The next was the ring toss..

And you can’t have a pirate party without walking the plank!

And then it was time to go on a treasure hunt… They followed the maps and the clues and went to three different places around the house outside..

 Finally, they came to where the X marked the spot! Inside were their thank you goodie bags!!

 After everyone got a bag, we went back around to where the party was and did cake and presents!!

The birthday boy had a blast. And we hope you enjoyed checking out the P-ARRRRGH- TAY!

love, The Milgroms

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