TUTORIAL: Staging a House

Most of you remember that we moved here not too long ago. We rented out our home for a year, and just like that- BAM! The year has already come and gone. So, she is back on the market!!!

We went back and forth on what to do before listing it, and I decided to take half of our furniture- yes you read that right- load it up in a trailer, and drive it 4 hours away to stage our lovely home.

I thought you guys would maybe like to see what I did with the place! Some of you might be in the same spot as my family- so if I could help give you a few tips on staging a home then this post is worth it!



Now I know there are people out there who may disagree with me when it comes to staging a home. Some people prefer to see it completely empty- so they can envision their own stuff in it. Which is totally valid. But for me personally, I LOVE going into homes that are staged. Why do you think Parade of Homes stage their homes??? They want to make the sale and they want to give you ideas of how the home could look with furniture in it!

PLUS- if staged correctly, it could add depth to a room and actually make the room look BIGGER rather than smaller.

So even though I was the only one who thought we should stage (this includes my husband and two real estate agents) I went with my gut and did it anyways. I only had one covered trailer that could carry my stuff, so I had to make sure I was going to stage this in a smart way. TOO EMPTY- meaning small décor and little furniture here and there- just looks weird and actually makes the house look worse. TOO FULL- meaning a full stage and going over the top- and it looks smaller and cluttered. It had to be JUST RIGHT.

And I know what you are thinking…

What is she using in her home that she now lives in if half of her stuff is being used for staging??

Well, it looks and feels weird. Really, really weird.

 Just know that I have to tell myself it is temporary.. And that my house here looks absolutely silly with half my stuff missing.

But more than anything-  I miss being able to sit on my barstools in the kitchen… sigh..

ok.. now on with the tour-

Here is the front door. I kept it clean, added a little wreath, and a little something on the bare wall by the front door.  You want simple decorations..

Here is what it looks like from the entry way. I wanted it simple yet inviting. I made sure I did not put anything agains the main wall as you walk in the door so that it appears big and open.


When the rooms are a little awkward shaped, you will always want to stage it. Some people can not envision how they would set up the room if it were completely empty. Even if the décor you have isn’t their style, they still can picture how to put their own items in the room and visualize living there.


The wall with the yellow chairs is where the TV would naturally go. But it is such a big wall, I couldn’t leave it blank. So I went to my husbands work (he still has company here) and stole his nice chairs in his office. (Thanks honey!)

I limited the amount of stuff I hung on the walls- making it feel nice and open. I also paid attention to personal decorations. When staging a house you want to make sure you limit (or try to remove them ALL if possible!) family photos or religious decorations. Again, we want to allow the buyer to envision their own life in the house!


You want to stage it enough that the home feels complete, but not SO much that you feel like you can’t picture your own stuff in there.

Again, the Kitchen I just added the barstools and some towels on the range. A few glass containers in the corner- but that’s all.

 And thank you mom for letting us borrow your kitchen table!

 Aren’t moms the best?!?!?

This wall originally had my plug in fireplace when we lived here. I wasn’t sure what to put here, so I decided to just turn it into another seating space. I think it turned out well!


Again, nothing hung in the halls- just to make it feel spacious.

You probably remember this spare bathroom looking similar from this POST back when we lived here.

And as for the two spare bedrooms- I left them completely empty. Mostly because I didn’t have the space in the trailer, and second because they are good size and easy for people to envision what can fit in there. I would have set them up as a nursery or playroom or office, but that would give have given off the feel that the rooms are on the smaller side- which I didn’t want. So here they are-empty!

 Now onto the Master- I set it up simple- I didn’t bring a headboard, so I used the wrought iron in place of one. I brought my own nightstands and my master bedding (you should totally see my bedroom right now! eek!) and rug from the front room.

I also stole my front room chair as extra seating, and to show that a chest or chair can easily fit in the space.

As for the Master bathroom, I brought my decorative towels and rug, and just a couple décor items on the vanity.

The laundry room was fun to decorate, just because I have crazy paint in there.


I added the ironing board just to make the room feel more “complete” since there was no washer and dryer in there.

And just a little more simple décor to finish it off.

And as far as the outside, we mowed the lawn, cleared out dead leaves near the fire pit, and cleaned up the ivy. The outside needs to look just as good as the inside!

Well, that is my house!

I was able to touch up paint, fix problems, stage, and clean up the backyard in ONE DAY. sheesh. It was tiring. But I think it was worth it. And to top it off, I had both realtors come through and they both apologized and admitted to me that they are glad I staged it! (The hubby was thankful as well!)

 Now we just gotta wait until it sells!!

I hope you got some good tips- and enjoyed the tour! Wish us luck!


(Update: The home sold FAST after staging it, AND we sold it by owner- which was AWESOME!!! )

Yours truly,


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